#M-108 Magnum (mag’.nam) adj. having great explosive force for its size. The name just about sums it up. Shorter, lighter, more powerful, the Cougar 2000 Magnum is one tough predator .

The Cougar 2000 riser, with improved length and brace height , provides the control. The Fuzion Single Cam system delivers the energy smoothly and efficiently to the arrow. But it’s our new Magnum 14" limbs that store and release the “explosive force”.

Sure, your next bow should be tough, powerful and exciting. But there’s absolutely no reason why it can’t look good, too. If “OK” is how your bow makes you feel, then you need to take a step up. Step up to the Cougar 2000 Magnum. It’s a tough, powerful package that’s determined to liven up your whole season.

Mossy Oak Break-Up camo makes the Magnum disappear in the woods as effectively as an arrow from off of its string.

Riser Color: Mossy Oak Breakup
Limb Color: Mossy Oak Breakup

Fuzion Cams
Let-Off75% Effective,  65% Optional
Axle to Axle Length36 1/2"
Brace Height6 7/8"
Mass Weight3 lb. 13.4 oz.
Draw Length27"-31"
Draw Weights50#, 60#, 70#
IBO Speed Rating315 FPS

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