#2811 Smooth, stack-free, full of power describes the latest take-down from Martin Archery. The Hi-Speed does what the name implies; it is ripping fast. When you want one bow to cover everything you do, like bowfishing, hunting, and 3-D, the Hi-Speed is the way to go.

The riser section of the Hi-Speed is beautifully sculpted out of laminated maple for extra strength. The 58" length of this bow makes it great for short-draw shooters. The Red Elm limb laminations and deep, high gloss finish give the Hi-Speed extra power and beauty. The clear glass on the limbs allows the righ wood grain pattern to show through.

The Hi-Speed comes complete with a #330 Traditional Rest for shooting off-the-shelf, a bow stringer, and a Dacron string. Your local Martin dealer has a Hi-Speed ready for you.

Installation of sight and stabilizer bushings is available by special request.

Draw Weights30# - 65#
Brace Height8" - 8 3/4"
Mass Weight2 lb. 7 oz.
AMO Length58"

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