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07-02-2011, 06:37 AM
hate to say it,but my favorite release is causing me some target panic. It all started last week. I nocked an arrow and drew back. With my finger behind the trigger,at 3/4 draw the relase let go. Sending my arrow who knows where. I quickly dismissed it blaming myself. I switched to my Athens and all was fine for the first few arrows. Then it happened again. And again. I WD40'd the release head and tightened the tension. All seemed to be fine. Just now I was shooting the Cheetah and the same thing happened. I just put the bow away. My confidence in my Truball Stinger is GONE. Their warranty pretty much sucks,as I have to pay to ship it to them and pay for any repairs needed. Screw that! I can buy a new release for less $ time it's all said and done. This release is only 2 years old. This wouldve been it's 3rd hunting season. I've got the same release that I've had longer,and it hasn't done that,but I'm not going to trust it now when the newer version has become a danger. Guess im screwed for awhile. Has anyone else had problems?

07-02-2011, 08:07 AM
Thats to bad as i use a tru ball sniper with no problems at all best thing about the sniper it has no creep,anyway might give the sniper2 a shot.

07-02-2011, 03:52 PM
With my finger behind the trigger,at 3/4 draw the relase let go.

Get rid of it. Doesn't matter if it can be fixed or not, you don't need any target panic creeping in.

Soon as the boss comes around I'll be be asking for Scott only.

Scott's are the most reliable that I have owned. No broken triggers, no accidental release's, no problems at all. And as far as customer service is concerned, the only issue I've had was a deluxe version that was missing the extra triggers and Scott Archery sent me new ones, no cost, to Australia!

07-02-2011, 04:12 PM
does Scott have an actual trigger ot is it the straight peg lookin thing'? I've thought about trying the lil' goose(?) but I never think about it when I'm at the shop. I have an old release. I was told it was a Martin Quick Silver,but I didn't think Martin made release aids. Anyway, I mixed n matched pieces and parts and put together a release that so far is working pretty good. I was punching the trigger for the first few shots,til I got a feel for it. Then I adjusted the tension. I'm relaxing a little bit now, but will still be checking out new ones. So any recommendations are welcome. So are pics! Lol

07-02-2011, 05:14 PM
I'm shooting a Fletcher .22 Cal - really like it. Was originally shooting an old Cobra of my dad's, picked up a TruBall Loop Master - wasn't too big on that - though the thumb safety and wrist strap were awesome before I got the Fletcher. The trigger is super sensitive, I have the set screw so it is a little more tight and I am thinking of slowing setting it back to much lighter so it barely takes any touch to fire. I only bring my finger forward and curl over the trigger once I am set at full draw with my peep centered with all my anchors.

Hope your problem gets fixed - might just be time for a new release, which can be a pain to get used to at first from my experience at least.

07-02-2011, 06:35 PM
HawgEnvy...I have been shooting the Scott Little Bitty Goose for several years now and have never had an issue. The company makes several trigger options. You can't beat the quality. I have purchased 2 of these releases on ebay at about 40% off. There is a ton of info on the Scott site and all over the web. I can provide pics after the Holiday if needed. The mongoose and any configuration of that series is a high quality release.
Scott all the way!

As far as a fix for the Tball I agree w/ Destroyer; Dump it, we have enough to think about at crunch time.

cj :)

07-02-2011, 07:15 PM
thanks for the input,guys. I'll be checking out scott releases. I hope it's as easy to get used to as the truball was. I think I get to shoot a deer at the end of next month. Not sure how much I want to try a different style so close to season.