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02-02-2007, 05:29 AM
ok, i know what you're going to say... don't bother. but i have to ask. can a person update the cams on an older firecat with the newer adjustable draw length cams? my uncle lent me his bow to see if i bowhunting is something i want to throw some money at. the bow is around 18 years old and set up at 29 inch draw and a release. when i draw the bow, with my measured 28 inch draw length, i'm drawing all the way to my ear, and that's the string, not the release...it's even farther back! obviously it's too long. my wife is not ready for me to buy a new martin bow (i'm from walla walla, so i kinda have to shoot martin!), so i am looking for a way to shoot and practice without spending $350+.

so, am i crazy?

heath harmon

02-02-2007, 11:03 PM
It is not advisable. The riser on the Rirecat is cast magnesium and is not as strong as a machined aluminum riser would be. But a lot of people are doing it. So far we havn't heard of any risers braking. Use the Scepter cam charts. Don't do it if your bow has the old wood center xrg limbs. You must have the Coreflex straight or recurve limbs. Any cams listed for the Scepter can be put on the Firecat. Do a search on Firecat on hear and on Archery Talk.com. This is a start.


Good luck,
I started to do it to my Firecat and got talked out of it. Wish I had.