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07-09-2011, 09:15 AM
Tried it, don't care for recurve. I'll stick to compounds. Not looking to get rich, just get my money back, or close to it. I have a little over $200 invested in the bow, 6 gold tip feather fletched arrows, Martin bow stringer, 3 new strings, also put a new rest on. Make me some offers.

a vintage 1960's Root Archery Range Master left handed 35
pound bow that is 66 inches long unstrung. The bow is in good clean shooting condition with no limb twist or defects.
The bow has white glass both sides with an evenly yellowed original shiny varnish finish. There are wood overlays on the
tip fronts and the tips are nice. The front of the upper limb is marked: ROOT.
The backside of the lower limb is marked: ROOT Range Master. Markings are in gold and are nice. The backside of the lower
limb is also marked: 66" G6218 35-# 28" X. There are no stress marks and the limbs look nice. The large woodwork of the
riser has nice looking wood. A decent original finish with a few minor dings to the finish. No holes in the bow.
There is a feather rest and an original old string that is stretched and will need replacing.
Good looking old bow and a good shooter

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