View Full Version : WTB/WTT some 16'' Straight 5L MOBU Limbs & Nitrous B cams

07-22-2011, 02:17 PM
Howdy folks. I'm a noob here but not to archery or Martin. I've got an 05 Razor X w/ 3Ls making it 45/60# & A cams. I want to go up to 70# w/ B cams and as I read the charts 5Ls will do it. Anybody got a good pair laying around? Can someone tell me what a new set might cost?

Thanks :)

07-22-2011, 04:07 PM
i cant help you with your set up but as far as a new string setgoes i would sent hutch of hutch-n-son-archery a PM to see what he might be able to do for ya.he is the mod for the tech forum...oh ya and welcome to the forum.a great place to find,learn,and have some fun.a great bunch of people are on here and are allway happy to help with question..ect.it not at all like AT on the MTF

07-23-2011, 03:14 AM
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.


07-24-2011, 02:52 PM
Found some cams. Would still like some 5L limbs.

08-01-2011, 04:51 AM
Lock this one down. Thanks