View Full Version : Having a problem

02-09-2007, 12:22 PM
I bought a factory refirbished martin, and I'm having hell getting it to shoot straight, despite tuning efforts. Any ideas?

02-10-2007, 09:48 PM
Which Martin? What Arrow and length? What broadhead/field point? Which rest? What method of release? Did you paper tune? Did you F.O.C.(front of center) your arrows? Forget about the thought or idea that arrow manufacturers F.O.C. your arrow for you....it is very complicated and involves a ton of information(length, size and weight of fletching, broadhead/field point size and weight....to complicated to involve all the possibillitys of true and correct arrow flight...fortunately for you, they have formulas to solve these problems, thanks to uni-formatee of arrow shafts this day and age, you will be able to find arrows by the dozen that fit your particular package...unlike the old days of making your own from scratch and finding that 1 in 20 arrows flew to the same spot)! Archery, can become very complicated, if you choose to learn it yourself!!! A pro-shop can relieve some of the pain of knowledge if you choose to go that route...however, they will never no everything and in that case neither will I!!!! However, I can turn you towards self instuct info that will aid you in being a very proficient bow shooter if you choose...the basics, I can offer....the patients, I cannot!!!