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deer dude
02-13-2007, 10:07 PM
are all martin bows like 55-70 lbs.? i know most bows are 40-50,50-60,60-70 in pounds.how do they get this much of a swing in poundage.? like i want one set at 60.so if the bow is 55-70lbs.and not 50-60 will it not perform as well set at 60?hope this makes sense,i just ordered a new pantera and have never owned a martin before,really like the looks and feel of this bow though.

02-13-2007, 10:56 PM
O.K. I think I qet your jest...your asking how it is possible that Martin has such a wide spread in poundage? If a Martin is cranked all the way down to 70#'s, each full limb bolt crank(rotation) you take it back(counterclockwise) will reduce the bows poundage by 3#'s...in effect to reach 55#'s it will take 5 full turns back on the limb bolts to achieve this! This is the minimum that Martin feels safe that a bow will shoot without hazard to a shooter...and by the way 5 turns of limb bolt back from peak weight is where you also start your press on a bow!!! Not and repeat NOT at any higher poundage! Basically Martin is confident in there limbs and limb bolt length out to these extremes!!! As for other company's, there either playing it say or don't have the confidence in their equipment!

Anyways, I have been rambling once again, something I am good at...however, to answer the main point to your question: 60#'s is 60#'s, K?
As for the reduction in speed compared to the boust of speed by a particular company....you will see a reduction in speed with your pantera compared to Martins claim of speed for that particular bow...not because they are lieing, but they use I.B.O. measurements to put claim to there speed! I.B.O. measurement is defined with bow spec's at these levels: 30" draw length; 70#'s; and a 350 grain arrow. A company that sells a 50#-60# bow cannot even tell you what thier I.B.O. is on thier bow!!! This is a standard which we all trust to start with on our bows...if speed is a factor, anyways!!!

As for the fact that the bow you are looking at feels good is the start to a perfect shooting record no matter whether you shoot backyard, 3-D, or hunt...feel good is important!!! Hope you love it, Martin makes great bows and I am sure you didn't go wrong!!! If you have anymore questions, feel free to give me a hollor on this website...I might not have the answer, but I probably no where to point you to get the right one!! Happy shooting!!

deer dude
02-14-2007, 08:21 PM
i guess whay i was getting at here is that the pantera set at 60 will be towards the lower end of weight where as the other bows set at 60 would be at the higher end (maxed out).im asking will i be able to see ,feel or hear any difference with the pantera compared to the standard 50/60 pound bow.-thanks for the help again.i guess ive always heard that the closer to max weight you shoot the better the bow will perform.the speed thing is not a big factor for me,ive always been around the 240-260 f.p.s area .which by todays standards are smokin slow.:D

02-15-2007, 02:23 AM
I got a little carried away in the info....my answer to your question is simply NO YOU WILL NOT SEE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BOW AT THE LOWER END OF PEAK WEIGHT-SET AT 60#'S---- VIRSUS A BOW AT ITS PEAK WEIGHT OF 60#'S!!! The cams take care of these type of issues and well it would take about twenty pages of physics to show you this and comparison charts between all the bows built by different companys to show you that if there is a difference, that it is so little that you wouldn't be able to tell anyways!!!

All that really counts, is that you are satisfied with a particular bow and feel comfortable with it!!! As for that whole "smokin slow" comment...get a grip...unless you set up for I.B.O. standards you will never remotely reach 300 f.p.s., and yes, I did get the jest that you are not necessarily interested in speed...just want you to know that I agree...speed is not ALL IMPORTANT...only to the manufacturer!!!! For me, however, KE(kintetic energy) is king, and I live by that rule, as, I am a HUNTER of Big Game!!!! Basically, I don't shoot fast, I just hit hard!!!! My signature will tell you what I am shooting now...and I will when I chronograph tell the actual f.p.s. and K.E....the math tells me 270 f.p.s. with 83 ft. lbs. of energy...we will see!!! Mind you, the bow I am shooting boasts 325 f.p.s....it will not get even close as I have exclaimed, due to my particular shooting set up!!!! You shoot a respectable f.p.s. for a 60# bow...I would guess...relativelly light arrows and not much on your string other then fingers?