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02-14-2007, 05:15 AM
Hello, I have recently purchased a secondhand Scepter II Pro Series with Elite Limbs, I've only had it for about 3-4 months now, but i like it a lot, It's certainly a big step up from the Black Bear II that i used to have ! I regularly top score at my club now, which is quite satisfying, I must say ! What size do the Elite Limbs go up to ? the stamp on mine says either, 9H or H6, I'm not sure which Cams it has, but with the bow adjusted all the way up it said about 73 pound on the scale, but i'm not sure how acurate the scale was, i'm guessing it should have said 70 or 75 pound not 73 pound, as i shoot FITA with it, I only need 60 pound but that has the Limb ends almost out of their pockets ! also when i set the tiller to zero, i notice that the cams are not perfectly synchronized, I have been told that cam sync is more important than zero tiller, so does that mean i should try to get the cams sync'ed, regardless of what it does to the tiller, or is there a middle ground i should be aiming for ? I can't get my arrows to fly straight out of the bow, sometimes i can see the arrow in flight as it leaves the bow and the tail of the arrow is corkscrewing through the air ? my rest is set approximately 3/4 of an inch from the side of the bow, my arrows are gold tip ultralight pro's ! everything seems to be set correctly, except for the cams not being perfectly sync'ed !

any and all help is greatly appreciated, as well as any info on the scepter II pro series ?



02-14-2007, 11:00 PM
Hello, It's me again, I thought i should mention that i live in a rural area in Australia, so taking the bow to a martin dealer is out of the question ! also how can i figure out which type of cams it has, I looked on the cam charts but that just made it more confusing, I'll post some pics up, and i'd like any and all information about the bow, year of manufacture ? is it standard, or has it been modified, plus any tips on how to set it up correctly for the most accurate shooting ?


all advice and Information welcome



02-15-2007, 03:23 AM
Yes, It's me again, I've looked through the online manuals, and there aren't any Scepter II manuals, or any Scepter manuals at all, I bought this bow secondhand and it not have any manual with it when i bought it ! If anyone has a Scepter II Pro Series manual, could they send me a copy please ? From what i have read from the other manuals, they all say that Cam sync should be done at full draw, is this the same with the scepter II ? Also can someone explain to me what the difference is between, M-57 Scepter II and M-57 XRG Scepter II ?

Thanks Again

Hope to hear from someone soon ?


02-16-2007, 08:38 PM
O.K, What's the bloody deal ???? I've posted on here several times with no responses, and I've tried the "contact us" section as well only to have all my e-mails returned saying that address no longer accepts e-mails ??? What kind of crappy setup is this , firstly Martin Tech's don't even read the "so called Martin Tech forum", and then when you try to contact them through the "contact us" section you get told that address is no longer valid, WTF ??? I have to say this situation leaves me far from impressed, I would have thought that a company as well known as martin, would have it's act together a bit more than this ? This whole site appears to be some kind of joke, with no-one from martin even on here, or giving a damn !


02-17-2007, 01:05 AM
Aren't you the impatient one.
If you're that impatient you should register at Archerytalk.com. You seem to not know much about archery in general so Archerytalk would be a good place for you to learn. There are also a lot of Martin shooters there.
There's lot more traffic there so you'll get answered faster.
You need to realize that you're asking about a pretty old bow on a forum that doesn't get a lot of traffic and you asked a million questions.

My guess is that's a 1998 bow.

I don't know if it's the highest but there are 11H Elite limbs.

I think those are Z-Cams but I'm not sure.

73lbs could be right. Draw weights are not exact and as you say, neither are many scales.

Martin has a 15lb range. You are OK to shoot the bow 5 turns out with each limb bolt.
The pocket is not what holds the limbs, there are two mushrooms in the limbs that fit into holes in the pockets that hold the limbs. Don't worry about the end of the limbs being out of the pocket. Just don't shoot with the bolts more than 5 turns out.

To set your tiller to zero you crank the limb bolts in all the way. That is factory set tiller. Then you back the bolts out equally to keep that setting.

Setting the cam timing should not effect your tiller.

I kind of doubt corkscrewing arrows is your cam timing, so no, everything is not set correctly. Cam timing is an up and down thing. Corkscrewing indicates a combination side to side and an up and down problem. It can be a contact problem, a rest problem or a torque problem.

Martin doesn't have bow specific manuals.
Yes cam timing is checked at full draw, but I wouldn't try to adjust it at full draw. That sounds like a recipe for disaster to both bow and body.

You say the email address no longer accepts emails, that could mean their box is full. If the address was no longer valid you get something totally different called a maildaemon.
But most companies are terrible about answering emails anyway.

XRG is the Elite limbs.

This little doo-hickey is how you adjust your cam timing. The cam's a little different than my friend's old steel cabled Z-Cam (which is why I'm not sure that's the cam it is) but that adjuster is the same as his.

Looks like a pretty nice set up.

02-17-2007, 01:30 AM
Thank You, I've figured out most of it myself already, I've fiddled with nock height, rest height, left/right alignment of the rest, and I eventually realised about the cam adjusters, It seems to be shooting better now ? I just figured since i have a martin bow, the martin website would be the best place to visit, You know, get the word from the horse's mouth ! Sorry if it seems that i'm impatient, everything was fine untill i tried to use the "contact us" section, then i started getting frustrated ! Thanks again for your response


02-18-2007, 03:34 PM
Thank You, I've figured out most of it myself already, I've fiddled with nock height, rest height, left/right alignment of the rest, and I eventually realised about the cam adjusters, It seems to be shooting better now ? I just figured since i have a martin bow, the martin website would be the best place to visit, You know, get the word from the horse's mouth ! Sorry if it seems that i'm impatient, everything was fine untill i tried to use the "contact us" section, then i started getting frustrated ! Thanks again for your response


ArcheryTalk is owned by Martin, it's just not a brand specific site. I think this forum was given in response to some of us wanting a place to talk about Martins specifically.

There are plenty of Martin shooters and employees over there to give you the word from the horse's mouth if they have the word.
You'll also find more information about tuning and shooting than you can imagine.

02-18-2007, 09:03 PM
Thanks again for your replies, I have joined Archery Talk, It seems like a pretty good site ?



02-27-2007, 01:02 AM
Looks to me like you have a bit of a hybrid bow there. The limbs are Scepter limbs from 1996 and the riser seems to be a Scepter II from late 1997.

The 1996 and 1997 Scepter limbs look the same, but the '97 bow used the synthetic cables, not the steel ones.

The later Scepter II risers had a sort of bulge beneath the grip to attach a lower cable guard, and a threaded hole in the sight window for an upper cable guard. I have 2 SIIs with the same riser as yours, without the cable guard mounting holes.

This is all based on what I can figure out from the 1996-97-98 Martin catalogs.

02-27-2007, 02:39 AM
Are these the holes your talking about ? there aren't any upper ones, just these 2 lower ones ! i'm guessing ones is for V-bar stabilizers, and the other for a cable gaurd ? since the bow came standard with the lower cable gaurd hole, i'm guessing that would be the best place for it, and not up top where it is now ? if that's the case i'll have to get a threaded cable gaurd to go in there and take off the other one.


if you need or want any more pics from different angles or different parts of the bow just let me know, i'll be glad to take them to try a figure out exactly what i have bought !
I've been trying to enter my bow data in "On Target 2" which is damn near impossible when you don't know what kind of bow or parts you have !
Also i've been told, (by you i think it was) that i could put those "X" cams on it with the shoot through string setup, i asked JoelC about it and he didn't say yes or no to the "X" cams, But did say i could put on the "elite fury cams" or something like that, and get it to the same specs as an "S4" ?
I do like the sound of those shoot through cable setups though.

Any further info would be appreciated



02-27-2007, 12:32 PM
No, not the same holes. The newer SIIs had a bulge on the right side of the riser, just where you have the "Pro Series" logo and there was a hole in that bulge that was for an offset cable guard. As I said, I have the same riser as you do - I use the lower of the 2 holes for a downward angled weight.

I shoot the same riser, with the shoot-through system, using FuryX cams, so no cable guard. My limbs are newer, but pretty much the same except without the little caps in the groove of the limb.

The #0X cam gives me 29" draw, and the #1X would give 30". If you want 29.5" you would probably want the #1 cam and short-string the bow a bit.

Cables would be 44" and the string for either the 0x cam at 29" or the #1X cam at 30" would be 56", so go with the #1 cam and a 55.5" string.

The regular Fury cams and the FuryX cams as well as the high letoff Fury HL cams all use the same specs.

As for limbs, each number is 5# heavier and each letter is within the 5# range (Light, Medium, Heavy). Your 9H limbs with the Fury or FuryX cams would give you 75# with the spec strings. Short strung you should max out at about 72#.

You should be able to find used Fury cams and possibly used lighter limbs on Archery Talk classifieds. Not very expensive.

I don't know what the specs would be for your Z-cam setup.

Any just in case you weren't aware, the Scepter II (with Fury cams) still holds the world FITA round record. Nothing wrong with your bow - it's as accurate as anything else out there and newer.

If you'd like more info, please start a new thread and keep the pics small (Convert them to jpgs instead of bmps). I'm on dialup and your pics take too long to download. :) Thanks.