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deer dude
02-21-2007, 07:30 PM
pick to go on a pantera set at 60lbs witha 28 inch draw,im looking at the g.t pro hunters 55/75 or the beaman ics hunters-400? heard good things about beamans but never used them .also will be going to a qad ultra rest ld. never have tried a fall away before so will blazer vanes still work out o.k with this rest or should i go to a 3 or 4 inch vane ,maybe quickspins or not?

02-22-2007, 12:50 AM
I always love sticking my foot in my mouth so here you go: I think we can leave the model of bow out of this equation...I also think that most all the reputable companys that make carbon arrows are all fairly good, including those that you mentioned...but don't forget to check out Easton and Carbon Express also, before you go buying arrows, K??? Oh, buy the way, don't worry about vanes at this particular juncture!!!
Most companys have a adjusted poundage formula/chart that you plug your bow into so you are going after the arrows they built for that kind of poundage(in other words they have already calculated for about what spline arrow you will need). After that you will know what is correct in their line of arrows and what is not. Next....First thing to compare between arrows and companys is the straightness factor, second thing to compare between arrows is how many grains/inch on a bare shaft, they usually list that in there specs(this will give you a idea how heavy you want your arrows to be), you will also have to check what a insert for points weighs, and what nocks weigh, and what vanes per each weighs along with what point weight you are using to get a approximately accurate weight of you arrow....anyways, check arrow length at the shop your are going to to get the correct arrow length for your bow so you can calculate for grains/inch on bare shafts!!! I know this is turning into a mouth full, but then you can get headed in the right direction, with the choices of STRAIGHTNESS AND WEIGHT OF ARROW BEING AT YOUR DESCRETION, DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY!!! Also, whether or not you want camo or black, or whatever they got....I personally would concentrate on straightness factor overall #1, Weight factor #2, beings that will effect your f.p.s., vanes will effect this as well, 5 inch on the outside will give you monster stability and lousy down range trajectory...going down to 3 inch will give you much less stability but awesome down range trajectory...lots of give and take in vanes that will strictly be your choice in the long run...you can always change if you don't like them, vanes that is, but shafts are a little spendy to be experimenting with!!!!( this ditty on vanes should cover you drop away question...you can measure clearance first to get you headed in the right direction...but all in all it will be up to your descretion on what you prefer for vane capabilities) By the way, I think you will like shooting a drop away better then any stationary rest on the market....just make sure it is timed right, the rest that is???
So, goodluck on your search for the right arrow...don't be prejudice of companys and pick out what suites you best...within your budget anyways!!! I, for what it is worth, picked carbon express, but that was a choice of preference for grains/inch and there cross weave design...they have since then stepped up the mark to the next generation of cabon arrows in 2007 with a limited line of "front of center" design, which are good also, however, what I am currently shooting has been phased out, my lose, kinda...just have to change my set-up slightly to adjust someday!!!!