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02-22-2007, 12:01 PM
Hello Martin Team!

In 1998 i purchased a M-65 Bobcat and, after having to stop archery due to time constraints for way too long, started shooting it again last year.

Now I got to replace string and cables: the string has broken in parts over winter and it's now impossible to measure its length. And - you probably guessed it - the bow-identification-and data-sticker on the lower limb has become almost unreadable. :rolleyes:

I could decipher some of it however and collected the following data:

Bow: Martin M-65 Bobcat
Peak Weight: 60-75lbs
Let-Off: 65% (Fury Cams)
String lenght: 53 1/8 inch (?)
Cable length: 39 inch (?)
Draw length: 29 inch
Bow Number: unknown

My question: Can anyone tell me whether the string and cable length combination I deciphered are possible? Or did I guess it fundamentally wrong?

Any info is highly appreciated...

With kind regards,


02-23-2007, 03:28 PM
Check out this chart....


This chart can be found on this same web site, on the first page that opens when you hit the Martin Tech Forum link from the Martin web site.

Your deciphering appears close to the 28 inch specs. Note that if your bow has recurve limbs, it is an XRG. If it has straight limbs, it will be the plain M-65 designation. To determine exactly what draw length the bow is supposed to be, look at the cam number, which is stamped/engraved on the lobe of the cam. If it is a straight limb with #3 cam, it is supposed to be a 28 inch draw. If it is a recurve limb (XRG) with a #2 cam, it is again a 28 inch draw.

Whatever cam number it has on it, use the strings/cables specified for that cam. If you use other strings to try to make it a different draw, you will not be happy with the results. Fury cams were designed to be draw length specific, so if you really need 29" draw, you'll need to tie on a string loop or get new cams to make things fit right.

Best o' luck