View Full Version : New Bow Help?

03-12-2007, 04:27 PM
Hi all.

I have just bought a Jaguar Magnum '05' and it is set to 60# @ 29' draw! i want to find out how to get it up to 70#! if anyone can help it would be great!

Regards Paul

03-12-2007, 05:57 PM
But, those bows was made ..to be 45-60lb or 55-70lb if you have the one made to go up to 70lb...you just turn you limb bolts all the way down .. snug them down,...don't crush them by truning to tight...now , if it is made to only go to 60lbs you would need to buy heavier limbs ...What does it say on the bow? It is a single cam bow right? Tell us that stuff and some one can tell you what size limbs you need .. or if the ones you got are ok..