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04-06-2007, 09:10 PM
Proud new owner of two Hatfield takedowns, sweet deal off ebay.. I've heard a couple of ways to do this one is to take the span of my arms finger to finger and divide it by twoand a half.. The other is to go to a bow shop and have them measure me.. I also want to know if my draw length for instance is 28" do I use 28" shafts or 29" shafts to make up for the inch stickking out at the end of the draw.. how much would this change the fifty pound setting of the limbs??

04-07-2007, 06:18 PM
The wingspan method is for release shooters. To convert it for fingers just add about 3/4". In other words, wingspan divided by 2.5 then add 3/4". This will get you pretty close, but it's not as important figuring it for recurve or longbow. Much will determine where and how you anchor.

As for the length of the shaft? You can help yourself and go with something that slightly sticks out past the bow and shorten as necessary.
The length of the arrow will not change the poundage of the bow. Recurves and longbows are rated at a 28" draw. The poundage usuallu varies up or down about 2# per inch of draw depending on whether you are shorter or longer. The length of the arrows does not change your draw length.