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05-02-2007, 10:29 AM
I am new hear to this forum and had a question ?
I own a old Cheetah bow #RLc1022 ,31inch draw 60-80lbs with Zcams and
X6 modules.Does any one know if any of the newer modules will work on it
for more speed (looking for maximum speed)
Thanks Bruce

05-02-2007, 01:56 PM
Z-cam uses X modules. Modern cams use F modules. They're not interchangable.
But if you're looking for speed, modules are for draw length. What you need are cams.

You should be able to put any cam on that riser but you might want to get newer limbs before putting a hot cam on it.
The problem is having an idea of what draw length and poundage you'd end up with before you start pouring money into it buying limbs and cams only to find out that you have something that you can't use.

Unless you had a pile of bow parts laying around to experiment with it probably wouldn't be worth it.

Which limbs do you have? If you have Z-cams on the 16" limbs you shouldn't be doing too bad with speed. Even Z-cams on Elite limbs isn't a total snoozer especially with a 31" draw length.
Your bow should be getting around 300-310fps IBO. Most of the new standard models are only 310-315fps IBO.

16" straight limbs aren't made any more and from the looks of the 16" specs the Mag or Super Mag limbs would give you an unuseable brace height, which leaves you needing new Elite limbs which drives the price of the conversion up considerably and the odds that you'll see a huge speed increase down.

By the time it's all said and done your money would be better spent buying a new or used Slayer (not Slayr which would be more towards the low price but would only be 325fps IBO) for $300-$700 at a known 335fps IBO rather than spend $250-$300 for limbs and cams that MAY get you 10-15fps and might give you the poundage and draw length you're after.

I'd get a new bow. Either a low cost one which would get you a little more speed AND a lot more silence (Bengal-$399, Cheetah-$349 both at 310fps IBO) or the Slayer for a lot more speed and silence.

05-02-2007, 08:47 PM
I think you are getting some VERY GOOD advice from MYK. Like you, I had an old Cheetah; it was a 97'. I spent the last few years putting more and more money in my old bow trying to make a "race car" out of a station wagon. Don't get me wrong, the Cheetah was a good bow in it's day, but I was trying to get too much out of an old platform. I had fair speed, but also had a lot of torque in the bow, it was noisy, and I lacked the accuracy I was looking for.

Like the man says.... for a few extra bucks you can buy a brand new bow and get 310 IBO (Bengal) and have a very smooth shooting, quiet bow with 80% vs. 65% let off. My new rig is also very clean, meaning I don't have a bunch of retro-fit and after market crap hanging off it.

I got the Bengal and it's a 100% improved from my ten year old bow. My old Cheetah is now my "carp" bow, and I was able to transfer my quiver, sights, etc. to the new Bengal to save some money. I went from 67# draw weight to 63#, increased my speed by 10 fps, increased my KE by 9% and my groups have improved as well.:cool: