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05-28-2007, 07:22 AM
Do the cables cross over or under the cable slide?

05-28-2007, 08:07 AM
they cross above the cable guard

05-28-2007, 08:42 AM
I have seen them both ways. On the martin website they cross under. In the Basspro and Cabela's catalog they over. It does not say in the owners manual. Does it matter? Thanks.

05-28-2007, 09:44 AM
I have seen them both ways. On the martin website they cross under. In the Basspro and Cabela's catalog they over. It does not say in the owners manual. Does it matter? Thanks.
I have shot quite a few Martin bows over the yrs and NEVER has a cable ever crossed under the guard. I have shot a Saber,Cougar III,Razor X, Pantera, and a Slayer X. You need to have the long groove of the guard towrds the front of the riser and have the cables cross ofer the top of the cable guard! BP shops guys are not the best ppl to set up a bow trust me.:eek:


05-28-2007, 09:58 AM
I looked in my owners manual and it shows a picture of a bengal with the cables crossing under the guard. So the owners manual and pic of a Bengal on the web site is wrong? Cabela's and basspro have theirs crossing over. This is what confused me. I also have the long hook toward the riser. I have no idea I can't see them in any picture. I'am not try to argue with you. Thanks.

05-29-2007, 07:58 PM
it should cross over the guard.. and like elk said the long slot should be toward the front of the bow and the cable should be in the slot clossest to the riser..

06-24-2007, 10:28 PM
I dont mean to ruffle any feathers with my first post here but I have had the same question. I posted this same question on Archery Talk and got the answer of it should cross below the cable guard? I also asked if the bend in my cable guard should bend up or bend down and got the answer of the bend should bend up and be at 1 or 2 o'clock? I have seen pics with it both ways? Does it really make a difference as long as you are getting enough clearance for your fletching? I did look at the previous years Martin bows on this web site and all bows have them crossing above but when you look at the 2007 pics some are above and some under.....in the Bengals case it shows below on some pics then in the on-line catalog it shows it above?

06-25-2007, 08:12 AM
See if I can spread some light on the situation here.

The cables should cross below the rod. This is easy enough to see if you remove the slide from the rod, remove the slide and see where the cables naturally want to cross.

Cable rod position is not an absolute, but I like to keep the side forces as even as possible on each end of the bow. This means positioning the rod so it is as close to the center of the bow as possible. This means rotating the rod to about 4 or 5 o'clock position and adjusting for just enough offset for fletching clearance.

If your fletch doesn't hit the cables then you have enough. Any more just creates undue side torque on the limbs, which can create undesireable cam-lean, and horizontal string oscillation.

06-26-2007, 07:01 AM
On my Cheetah, when I remove the cable slide, the cables cross under the cable gaurd when the bow is not drawn, but when you draw the bow, the location that the cables cross moves above the cable gaurd.

I have set mine up both ways, and the bow seems to draw a little smoother with the cross above the cable gaurd. I would try it on your bow and see what seems to work the best.

Joel from Martin told me to set it above the cable gaurd.

Good luck!

06-26-2007, 04:37 PM
Yeah I PMed Joel over on Archery Talk and he said that they usually have the cable guard bent down towards 4 or 5 o'clock and the cables crossing over the top of the cable guard......BUT he said he really does not think it matters much just as long as your cables are not rubbing each other and fletching clearance is fine:) As for the pics on Martins web site......sometimes things get changed around during the photo shoot, so some may show above and other pics show below.

06-26-2007, 08:01 PM
i am looking at my 07 bengal and it crosses under

06-26-2007, 08:08 PM
i am looking at mine and a buddies 07 bengal and they both cross on the bottom