View Full Version : CAM LEAN (or LIMB TWIST) on Cougar C4

Martin lover
06-04-2007, 01:52 AM
Any Cougar owners out there please help me out here (especially Darren):

I have just received a new Cougar C4 Elite with Nitrous B cams (I had the cams changed from a Furious because the Furious draw length was too short for me (Martin incorrectly advertised the draw length capability of the Furious).
So I get the bow back from the distributor and HORROR! I can't believe the cam lean - I mean, at full draw the string leaves both cams at an angle and it may well be due to limb twist. It is very noticeable and exactly the same with the cables off or on the cable guard.
My other bow is a cheaper browning Rage and it has NO cam lean.

Is this NORMAL?
What is acceptable in terms of cam lean on a Cougar?
Can it be rectified? How?
Is it a warranty issue or Is it something the retailer can and should adjust?

I would really appreciate some urgent advise on this one,

regards from 'down under' (NSW, Australia).

06-04-2007, 08:29 AM
NO cam lean is what all bows should have. If the axle holes in the limbs have been drilled right then cam lean is the result of limb twist. With the Nitrous cams it's easy to align the cams, and any knowledgable shop should be able to correct it.

As you have asked, you should take the bow back to the shop. They should be able to press the bow and twist up one side of the cable yoke to get zero cam lean. If they can't get it right then either they don't know how or it may indeeed be a warranty issue.

Give them a shot at it and see what they say. If they can't or refuse to do it then I'd suggest either calling Martin or get on www.archerytalk.com and PM JoelC about it.

Hope this helps.