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06-05-2007, 06:49 AM
I have an m41 cougar speed flite 2 cam round wheels w/ 36" string.
I have hunted for a couple of years with a tube type peep sight am tired of it.
I bought a g5 meta sight and installed it. I have a truball tru nock aligner on my string. My problem is the peep sight was in perfect alignment for a couple of shots and now it is slightly out of alignment. I have had my string for at least 100 shots and don't think that it is stretching. The peep has not moved up or down the string at all.

Could the problem come from the amount of twists in the strings between cams? Don't Know


06-05-2007, 08:53 AM
It could be, but it's not usually from too many twists but too few. Within reason more twists make the "bundle" of strands work together better. A few more twists might reduce or even eliminate any peep rotation. Looking at the string it should have about one twists for every 1 1/2" of string.

What you are noticing is that after you intall the peep the string is going to take a few shots to settle into the cam grooves again. Is the peep rotating to the same position each and every time? This is what you are looking for. If so then all you have to do is move from strands from one side of the peep to the other. Move an equal amount of strands from each side. Once you have it coming back straight then you should be OK, unless the string creeps over time.

And to accomplish this adjustment you need to get rid of the nock locator. Let the string rotate as it likes. If you want to reinstall it later OK, but you shouldn't need it. In fact, it's not the best as it keeps the string from rotating naturally.

Thinking about it, how old is the present string? If it's more than a couple years old you should replace it anyway. In this case I'd suggest getting a good aftermarket string from a custom string maker. Bucknasty on www.archerytalk.com is very good and his prices are decent, too. With good strings you should get no peep rotation so can remove the nock aligner, too. You may still have to mess with moving strands till the peep lines up, but it shouldn't rotate after that.

And by aftermarket, I'm not talking about those geric strings hanging around most archery shops.