View Full Version : Draw length and Arrow Choice?

07-07-2007, 10:55 AM
Hi, I have a Panther Rage Pro Series and the draw length is to long. It has 4HL cams on it and I need to be at a 28in draw, so I need to know what cams to use and I think the arrow shafts are not correct for the bow. I am using Gold Tip 7595 shafts with 125grn tips, my grouping is very inconsistent even at 20 yards, but really bad at 60yrds. I am shooting at 70lbs. Any input?


07-10-2007, 05:58 AM
Well, you have a few things going on there .. Really, you need to take the bow to your closest martin dealer and have him measure you for draw Length and make sure of your draw .As I would guess you have the fury which only fit a set draw length . Maybe, he will have some cams or maybe you can trade someone on-line like at ..Archery Talk.. for the right ones..But, it will take awhile to find them..and then you will have to have them changed out.I do not think Martin makes those cams any more ..If you find out the bow don't fit you ..It could be easier to sell it to someone that it will fit and buy you a new bow . Next, Arrows have to be cut to the right length for a bow and what ever draw weight you are going to shoot. You really need a Archery Pro shop to help you with all of this as there is a lot to it .. I hope this helps