View Full Version : How to make your shot out target last longer

bob cooly
08-21-2011, 11:30 AM
Man I got to learn how to post pictures! I must own one of the most shot out Block Fusion Targets. Complete holes blown through the middle on all 4 sides, cut in half to retrieve NAP blades that fell out of their Gobbler Getter practice heads, no more of those. On disabilty and broke so decided to extend target life as long as I could. Plastic grocery bags and some pvc or a broom handle. Put the target on the garage floor and start stuffing those bags in, really pack them in with pvc pipe. Just keep filling til you can't get anymore in and force some more in. Target should have been trash along time ago but I keep filling those holes. I have at least doubled the life of this target. If I lose a broadhead inside I just undo the duct tape split her in half and fish the junk out, only had to do this once. Maybe this DEPRESSION will turn out good for the country. Remember our parents sad stories of the Great Depession. Out of the cando, makedo, willdo attitude, The Greatest Generation fought the war of all wars (so far), rebult the economy, and gave their children so many of the Blessings of God. Shame on us what we've turned it into.