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Don B
09-16-2011, 08:30 AM
I grew up in Riverside County, Ca.
Nuttin but hills and orange groves in every direction.
I will be 56 in Dec. and have been shooting a bow as long as I can remember, and have always shot with fingers.
My first bow was one my brother and I made from a tree limb off of a fig tree, and arrows from bambo. We would hunt rabbits in the orange groves around where we grew up, and anything else that flew or crawled that we could stick for that matter..lol

Once I turned 16 and had to get a hunting license, and hunted big game, I have been able to take 2 deer almost every year, everything on the wing from quail to geese( no turkey yet) bobcats, coyotes, fox, and lucky enough to take one bear.

One year I met some guys that had horses that packed into an area that my brother and I backpacked into. Well I ended up getting into horses and used them for hunting and also got into team roping.

Then about 14 years ago I had a misshap at one of the ropings I went to and ripped of my index finger and degloved my middle finger, got my hand wrapped up in my rope.
I tryed shooting once my hand healed up and couldn't figure out how to anchor, so I hung up my bow and never tryed again.

I tryed shooting again just over two years ago, with some prodding from my brother-in-law and was able to figure out that I might be able to shoot again. I figured a newer high let off bow might be better to relearn to shoot with and picked up an 07 Martin Cougar lll. I shot that for about 3 months. Then I ended up having to go in and have a total disk replacement done on my lower back. I was able to talk my Doc into letting me start shooting again after only 6 weeks.

One day I was looking around on AT and saw a Shadowcat for sale and had to have one, I have 2 of them now, and have never shot better.

Sence I have been shooting again I have been told by alot of ppl that shoot my style that I am shooting to fast of a bow, They say that you can't control the shot on a fast bow. This was also told to me by a couple of national and state champions, they all say I should be shooting at around 230fps because thats what finger shooters should be shooting. I relearned how to shoot on a fast bow and never was aware that an arrow could be controled once it was shot, learn something every day I guess. I am stll trying to figure out how to though, anyone know how to do this?

Well I have both my Shadowcats shooting right about 267fps @60# and my arrows are cut at 28.5" carbon to carbon, I shoot the Harvest Time HT-4's 400 spine weighing in at 356 grains..+/- and 10% FOC. and have no problems with it's speed.

I am not sure what my draw length is, I moved the draw stop out, drew the bow back and had my wife set the draw stop against the limb and tighen it up. After that I adusted the moduales for the let off I wanted then set my other bow to match.

I read in another post, and agree with what Sonny said...
..The most important piece of archery equipment is the person shooting the bow..

Well sence I have gotten back into shooting I have been able to take 16th at the World Archery Fest. In Vegas in the barebow class, it was the first time I ever shot indoors. 5th. in the Ca. State Indoor, 3rd. in the Ca. State Broadhead Championships, 2nd in the NFAA Southwest Outdoor Sectionals, 4th. in the Ca.State Field, and am waiting on the results for the Ca. State Outdoor 900. Took 1st last year.
Plus a gang of 1st, 2nd.and 3rd. places at local 3-d shoots against the likes of Louie Rangle and Jerry Avery, both past National and Ca. state champs.
All for not shooting for 14 years and only been back shooting just over 2 years.
Thats my story and I'm sticking to it...:cool:

09-17-2011, 02:43 AM
haven't done anything to brag about. shot field when i was a kid (back when Ike was president...anybody remember Ike?). also dabbled a bit at fita. quit shooting until i retired in 2006 and started bowhunting. tried 3d three or four years ago and jumped in and shot the ibo world that year at anderson, indiana.

enjoy the asa pro/ams for two or three years now. great way to spend retirement. met a lot of great people (and a few knot heads too).

if you want to know anything else, its gonna cost ya.