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08-17-2007, 02:06 PM
The best bang for the buck in compound bows in todays archery market? Well that and the Cheetah. I've looked at lots of bows and have not seen any other bow that comes close to the Bengal for the money.;) Course this is just an old man's opinion talking hear.


08-17-2007, 02:25 PM
I would tend to agree at the moment, except that I prefer bows with a lttle longer A2A. Therefore I chose the Pantera over the Bengal. The other reason is that I have , from experience, come to the conclusion that single cams are not the end all in archery so I got my Pantera with the Nitrous X system on it. Much easier to tune and stays that way. And I can get the same speed at about 53# that I would need 60# with the M-Pro cam.

That being said, if you like single cam bows then you would be hard pressed to find a much better deal than the Bengal, at least for the present.

08-23-2007, 03:40 PM
I just picked-up a Bengal and man, it's one heck of a bow for $400. I'm very impressed w/ how quite and vibration free it is.:D