View Full Version : slayer limb question-are they the right ones??

08-17-2007, 05:45 PM
As the title says, I recently bought a new 07 slayer extreme and noticed that I don't have as much peak weight (it's a 60lb) as I do on my other 2 martins-both are 60 lb peak weights. An 04 razor x se dyna cam, and bengal with m-pro.
I looked on the tech specs on martin's web-site, and came to the conclusion that the limbs are supposed to be 4H limbs. Mine has 4M limbs on it.

Just wanted to confirm this, I e-mailed martin directly but haven't heard back yet.

One other question, I have the C base cams and have a 29" draw length, would it help me to get a set of mini mods to get more towards the bottom of the draw length cycle on these cams?? And how much do mini mods cost??

08-17-2007, 09:06 PM
I didn't check the cam charts about your limbs, but there should only be about 2 to 3# difference between the H and M limb, the M being lighter. If you feel you must have the 4H limbs I'm sure Martin will accomodate you.

About the mini-mods? Yes, you generally will get better performance shooting toward the top end of the draw cycle. Possibly you'll feel a bit more of a valley, too. I did the same thing with my Pantera and performance did pick up a bit.

08-18-2007, 08:21 AM
I checked the peak weight on the slayer and it's about 58lbs. at best.
I'm getting about mid to upper 260's for speed at 29" about 55 lbs. and a 340 grain arrow.

How much performance wise did you get out of your slayer when you went to the mini mods?? I heard that increases the poundage of your bow a little also, is this correct??

Any ballpark estimate on the cost of mini mods??

08-18-2007, 02:33 PM
The mini-mods will not increase the peak weight of the bow. That can only be done by changing out the limbs, in your case.

I'm a little shocked at the speed you "aren't" getting. Just what all do you have on the string? For comparison, I had a 2004 SlayR with the B cams and standard mods. I had custom strings (BCY 8125) on the bow and had nothing but the Simms Leeches (close to the cams), a tied on nock set, and Fletcher True peep. Center serving was shortened to 3".

With the weight set at 53#, 27" draw and shooting a 267 grain arrow (legal IBO weight) the bow was shooting 299 fps. Please understand that this was not a hunting setup, but 3D. Shooting my hunting arrows it was dong right at 280 fps. Of course, I already had a hunting bow so this was just set up as a backup bow.

If you have any luck with Martin they should probably swap out the limbs for youand give a set of 4H. That should get you right at the 60# peak that you so desire.

Getting back to the mini-mods--I didn't have them on a SlayR. They are on my Pantera with C base Nitrous X cams. I couldn't get the bow down to my 27" draw with standard mods. Right now I'm about in the middle of the draw length range of the mini-mods. I'm considering swapping out to the B base cam and see what happens.

The Patera is set up much like my Slayer was. Pretty much a clean string and 267 grain GT Ultralite 500(267 gr), 53# and it's shooting 287 fps. I gained just about 7-8 fps by switching to the mini-mods.

Retail on a set of minimods is about $55 (ouch). If you can talk to Joel or Jake at Martin they may just swap them for your standard mods (hopefully).
Don't forget to mention what letoff you want. Standard letoff is 75%, but you can order 65%.

Wish ya luck with your endeavor.


08-18-2007, 02:34 PM
I might also add that if you're getting good service I'd take care of the limbs and the mods at the same time.

08-18-2007, 03:03 PM
Was 267 grains your total arrow weight??

One full turn out on the limb bolts is approx. 55 lbs,give or take a pound or so.
340 grain arrow was around the 270fps. 360 grain arrow was only about 2-3 fps slower.
With the bow cranked tight I was getting right around the 280fps. mark.

I still have the stock string on which could be part of the speed problem, string loop,fletcher tru-peep are the only things on the string. I hate string leeches.

I have vapor trail strings and cables on both my other bows and like them.
My razor x se dyna cam at 60lbs. and 340 grain arrow was at the 270fps mark.