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08-20-2007, 09:02 PM
Anyone else besides me have exceptional fortune with the Tracer Magnum? It seems the be the best all around bow I ever shot. I shot 6 inch groups at 60 yards without a peep sight and shot two bucks--back to back days in 2004 with the same arrow. Thw first buck was 35 yards away and even though I used my 20 yard pin, I barely clipped the very bottom of his heart, putting him down 10 yards from where I hit him. The second buck I shot at 10 yards, quartering to me, and the arrow passed through his body and exited his rear, downing him 50 yards away. Did I mention this bow is light, compact, smooth, and quiet now that I added silencers to the string, cable guard, cable slide and stabelizer. Basically I just need to vent and brag about this bow cause it rocks. Kinda like when you pull the trigger on a shotgun, you know the skeet will break, thats how I am with this bow. Let me hear some of your stories.

01-17-2008, 02:27 PM
Hello Tmartinbow,

I finally found someone else who has a Tracer too!! Mine is an 04' with magnum limbs. It came with the truarc hybrid double cam but the lower cam broke recently and martin is sending new dyna cam and strings at no cost to me! Their customer service rocks.
before the cam broke I did get to hunt this fall early winter here in northern MI with it. I had very good luck. I only got 2 shots off at deer, but they were both lethal. I got 2 does within 30 minutes of each other, both at 23 yards.
I started this season with my old browning mirage 1998, which shoots around 190-200 fps and wounded a doe with a poor hit. She ducked my string a bit and I hit high, arrow was covered in fat!
Fast forward to shooting my Tracer and I decided to aim a bit lower to prevent the same outcome. Apparently 263 fps is enough to hit where you aim! Still got lower lung on first and heart on second deer.
I put in a ton of hours on stand this season including 12 degree morning sits and it all came together in 30 minutes!
I am very happy with my bow, I can only hope I still shoot it just as well with the new cam system.
What cams does yours have, any idea of the speed? I intend on installing an STS string stopper soon.