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08-21-2007, 08:10 AM
heres a few questions for all of You Martin bow tinkerers/builders...Can I mount a set of Nitrous cams on a Scepter II, and if so, what would be the advantages/disadvantages of doing this??...The bow has X-System "Fury" cams on it now....I'm looking for a good finger shooting bow, that still has good speed, and smooth draw, with good let-off, and a good hard wall...Also, if My MAG limbs that are marked 4H will mount on this bow, what weight would they be at 28" on this Scepter riser?...They are 55# to 70# on My SlayR riser....Thansk in advance....Harperman

08-21-2007, 04:47 PM
I have a Scepter II Elite with 6L Limbs. Nitrous A cams w/Mini Mods. I used the Scepter III Spec's for string and cables. It is a little slower than my Couger but is the most accurate bow I have shot. I like the adjustable draw with the Nitrous cams over the Fury's on my Cougar. Also the string is in the center of the riser instead off to one side.

On let-off. I have the 75% Mods and they don't have that much more let-off than the 65% Fury Cams on my Cougar.

43 1/2" ATA

8 3/8" Braceheight

25 3/4 " AMO draw in second hole.

45 - 60 Lbs.


08-22-2007, 08:14 PM
Robert....Thanks!...here another couple questions...this bow has a max draw of 27.5", and a max weight at that 27.5" draw of 60#...What would You say the draw weight would be with a set of Nitrous "B" cams set to 28" draw??...Also, what kind of speed would this bow get, (Ballpark figures?) at My 28" draw, and 60#, with a tie-in peep, and an IBO minimum arrow....The Scepter II is IBO rated at 290 f.p.s. with the Fury cams, but I have heard from a couple different folks that these bows are a bit faster than the advertised IBO speeds...Whatcha think??...I figure to gain a few more F.P.S. with Nitrous cams, and I like the draw cycle on the Nitrous better as well...I'm not trying to turn this Scepter II into a speed-demon, but I'm hoping for a indoor/3-D set-up in one bow...I'd be satisfied with 270-275 f.p.s. with an arrow that's just above IBO minimum...I can use 4 pins maximum for Hunter Fingers class, and at 285-290 f.p.s., I am using 3 pins now...Thanks for any info that You , or anyone, can give Me...I'm kinda stoked on the idea of a long A-T-A bow with a decent brace height, that will shoot to these specs...As a side note, how much grip angle is on the Scepter II risers??...I prefer a low angle grip on a bow, I like to set My hand down on a bow.......Thanks again, and Take Care....Harperman

08-22-2007, 08:56 PM
I am not a bow tech, so I can't answer most of your questions. I went from a Cougar Elite with Fury Cams to the Scepter and all I can tell you is that the Scepter with the Nitrous cams is so much more forgiving it is unreal.

But I started out just like alot of people that I have read about on Archery Talk. The Nitrous cams shot real well at first, then I couldn't hit the side of a barn. I think I got complacent I was shooting so much better at first, then I just fell apart (I think I lost my consentration). It took me about a month to get it back together and when I did all I can say is that it is definitly worth the trouble. The Scepter II with Nitrous cams is the most accurate bow I have ever shot. Looking forward to next years Field Shoots now that I have got it back together. Also looking forward to seeing how much I can improve my scores when the Indoor season starts in November.

I don't know what the grip angle is but it is less than my Cougar. I think they increased the grip angle on the Scepter III and lowered it back on the Scepter IV. I have read that if you liked the Scepter II you will like the Scepter IV.


08-23-2007, 06:41 AM
Robert, thanks again for the informative reply...Odd that You mention the "Nitrous Cam" accuracy phenomenon...When I first got My SlayR, I could shoot it alot better than I am shooting it now....The valley is so short, that I was creeping, and "Double" stroking the bow at full draw...I settled in, and started shooting it with as much back tension as I needed to have, and was impressed with the SlayR's shootability....I started shooting My UltraTec again, and then when I picked up My SlayR, I couldnt hit squat...I was pulling back way too hard, and pushing with My bow arm way too much...I've settled in a bit now, and things are getting better....I'm thinking that I will probably buy the Scepter II....Thanks for the advise, Robert...Take Care!....Harperman