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08-26-2007, 11:01 PM
I need help figuring out my Scepter II. OK, I bought the bow used, so I am not 100% sure about what's on it.

First I don't know the year, in case that matters.

It does have Elite limbs. The sticker on the limb indicates the limbs are 50 - 60#, the DL is 29" and the String length is 58". The cam (Fury X) is marked 0.

The person who sold it to me indicated the limbs were 70# peak, but the sticker definitely says 50-60#. The limbs are marked 8M.

So first question is, are 8M Elite limbs on this bow really 60 or 70# limbs?

I can't measure the DW right now, but when I was shooting it, it did feel lighter than my Phantom that I was shooting about 64#.

Now on to my real problem now. I need new cables and string because my string broke. I can't measure the string, since it is broke. As stated, the sticker on the limb states 29" draw and 58" string. Looking at the charts, a 29" draw and 58" string don't seem to match for the Scepter II. :confused:

What I know, is that I have 8M Elite limbs on a Scepter II riser with a Fury X cam marked "0". Can someone tell me the proper DL for this cam and the correct string and cable lengths?

If I look at the 2001 charts, I don't see a Scepter II / Elite liste (but I see M-57XRG Scepter II XRG listed).

If I look at the 2002 charts, I see a M-57XRG Scepter II Elite listed. If I go by the 2002 chart, It would indicate 56"/44" lengths for the "0" cam, but shows that to yield a 28" DL. I know the DL was longer than that on this bow.

Please help!

08-27-2007, 07:08 AM
a Fury cam that is size "O" is supposed to be for a 28" draw....Someone could have messed with the cables to get the draw length longer...if the cables were twisted up, it would make the draw length longer, and the bow's draw weight heavier...At least thats what I'm told...I hope that this helps...Harperman

08-27-2007, 09:58 AM
It's possible the cam was swapped.

08-27-2007, 12:17 PM
If I look at the 2002 chart, it shows the same DL for each cam regardless of whether it is Fury or Fury X.

If I look at the 2001 chart, it shows that for a given cam, there is a different DL depending on whether it is a Fury or Fury X cam.