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09-07-2007, 09:00 PM
Have purchased a new cheetah from Bass Pro and I love it. Do have question though. Setup person at Bass Pro in Springfield noted there was not a cable guard and slide in the box. He took one off another bow but I did not pay attention to what it was. The slide is white and appears to be a limbsaver slide. The guard though is hollow with a hole in the string end. I have had it paper tuned and they noted that the guard was out a little far so moved it back in for fear of Cam lean. I shot about 15 shots and now am having problems with fletching hitting the cables again. Did they put the wrong cable guard on this and doe the limbsaver offset work with this bow? Sorry but I am a newbie here and just making sure I have the right equipment with the bow I purchased new.

09-08-2007, 05:58 PM
Sounds like you have the right cable guard rod to me. Martinmakes them out of tubular stainless steel and then coats them with teflon. No problem with this. As for the slide itslef, it sounds like BP put one made of teflon on the rod. This is good too. So far no problems.

Next part. Your fletching is hitting the cables you say. This an easy fix---even for you. All you need to do is loosen the two set screws that lock the rod in place and rotate it out one notch. Before you do this measure the distance from the rod to the string. Whatever the meaurement is it should be about 1/4" more after you rotate it and lock it down.

The rod has grooves in that resemble splines where the setscrews lock against it. You are going to end up rotating ffrom one groove to the next. I'm not sure about that 1/4" measurement. It may be a little more or less. I'm just guessing, but you get the idea. Because cable gaurds cause side torque to the bow don't move it any more than you have to to get clearance.

If you still have problems feel free to ask for more help.