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09-11-2007, 04:42 PM
I am looking for some assistance with the bow codes listed on some of the cam spreadsheets, What is a M-57, M-67, M-71, M-75, M-79, the reason I am asking is that I am 6'8 and need to have a 32" or larger draw length.

09-11-2007, 06:11 PM
If you are looking at 2007 bows I'll tell you what bows can be had at 32" draw.

M50EF = S4 (Scepter) Elite limbs/furious cams
M108EF = Cougar/Elite limbs/furious cams

Either could be ordered with Nitrous cams and would be real screamers at your length. There might be some other options, but customer service (Jake or Joel) would be better at this than I.

Getting to the model #'s you asked about:

M67 = Shadowcat (Magnum and Elite limbs make 32")
M79 = Razor X (Elite and SE go to 32")
M75 = Quest (with DynaCam goes to 32")
M71 = Jaguar (nitrous cam /entry level bow)
M57 = P3 (Phantom/nitrous cam)

They should all make 32" and up to 35" in some cases. The M67, M75, and M79 are no longer in production.

Ask me my opinion and my choice would probably be the Cougar with nitrous cams. If money were not an issue I'd choose the S4/magnum limbs and nitrous cams.

If you're looking used both the ShadowCat and Razor X are superb.

Hope this helps some. As I said before. There may be more options if you order from the custom shop.