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10-31-2011, 01:57 PM
I recently purchased a used X-200 50#@28. It seems to be in pretty good shape other than the string is a bit worn. I have been out of traditional archery for almost 30 years and made this purchase to ease my way back in. Coaching archery at my school lit the fire again for me. The team uses Mathews Genesis bows and I guess shooting without sights and releases for the first time in many years got me ready for another try at the traditional game.

Anyway, I am ordering some things for the bow and I really wish I had some idea which direction to go with arrows other than to "check the chart". My draw on my compound is 27.5 and I am wondering around what draw length I would be and a guess, from those more educated, at what arrows I should try. I cannot get an exact length on draw until I can string the bow...kind of at a halt. Any help?

12-05-2011, 06:21 AM
Here's a little help. If your x 200 has or you're going to use a elevated rest, the rest is usually set at the throat of the grip, where the web of your bow hand makes contact with the bow. Since you've shot recueves before ( 30 years ago ) you know that you shoot with your bow arm locked, no bend, so extend your arm as if you where holding the bow, and draw a full length arrow accross the web of your bow hand, and this will give you an approximate length. Must have already done that as you say in youir other post that you'll be shooting about a 28" arrow. Oh yeah, I'd go with carbons. Help any? :)