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09-18-2007, 05:38 PM
i got into bow hunting within the last year when a friend gave me a old martin. i went to a bow shop and set myself up with all the things to get me started and they set me up with Gold Tip 5575 arrows. a couple weeks later i decided the bow didn't fit good at all. i was hooked on bow hunting though and found a great deal on a Orion and love it. the arrows i got with first bow were cut down and tuned in and now i'm shooting 70# pull and getting 285 fps they tell me thats pretty fast. well i was out getting some practice in with some friends and they have a mathews whatever and some other $900 bow. they were giving me S@#! saying my arrows were "lobing in" they "looked like a rainbow" and so on. i noticed they have thiner lighter arrows. i don't know what their fps is but they were zipping in pretty fast. are my arrows wrong for my bow? can anyone recommend a arrow or different weight that will work better for me. thanks in advance.

09-18-2007, 08:46 PM
You don't mention the draw length or the length of the arrows, but if anything you should be shooting 7595's at that weight or turn the bow down to about 65#. Your arrows are likely underspined as is.

However, don't get to worrying about those high dollar bow shooters, whatever the brand. It's not important. Don't let petty peer pressure worry you. Just remember, you didn't pay $900 for your bow--far from it. In my book that makes you the wiser one. And your bow will shoot just as well as theirs. Just not as fast. Big deal!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the bow you have.

For the record, I have a $1000 bow. I also have a $450 one. And a couple in between. It doesn't matter which one I shoot. I enjoy them all. They all work well for their intended purpose.

09-19-2007, 04:04 PM
sorry. the arrow is 29" and the draw length is the same. i looked at the gold tip website and found the chart and your right about being underspined. it was suggested to me to get an overdraw so i can shorten my arrow and that would get what i'm looking for. i'm just trying to get everything out of this bow i can. it's my new hotrod if you know what i mean.

09-19-2007, 06:24 PM
Dont listen to the clown who told you to get an overdraw. They were OK in the day of aluminum arrows, but have gone the way of the dinosaurs for anybody with more than a 3rd grade education. Believe me, they caused more problems than they solved.

No matter what arrows you shoot you still have to take into account that according to warranty requirements you have to maintain at least 5gr/lb of draw weight. And for hunting it's usually wise to stay around the 6 gr/lb range, give or take.

Just accept the fact that you don't have a real speed bow and didn't pay for one. You have a nice reliable bow that will be a good hunter. There's no reason to play the speed game and blow the limbs off the bow.

If you want to blow their socks off then save some money (a lot of it) and buy a Martin Slaer with Nitrous cams. Then you can push things around the 320 fps area.