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09-18-2007, 06:36 PM
I am new to shorter bows and I recently bought the cheetah, the other day I noticed that the m-pro cam was leaning so far to the left that it was rubbing the limb at full draw. I was told by a buddy that this was called cam lean. Can anyone tell me what causes this and how to fix it, thanks.

09-18-2007, 08:37 PM
If you log onto Spot-Hogg's website and read letter #5 you'll learn what cam lean is and what causes it.

In short a bow with a cable rod/slide pulls the cables to the side, which in turn twists the limb tips. This in turn causes the cam/idler to be out of line with the riser. We all refer to it as cam lean, but what it really is is the limb tips being twisted. The shorter the bow the worse it is because the angle is sharper between the limb tips and the cable rod.

If a cam/idler is "leaning" the string does not track staright with the rest of the bow befcause the cam groove won't let it. As the cam is rolling over on the shot (very quickly) it causes the string to oscillate in the horizontal plane. Well, where the string goes so does the nock end of the arrow. See where this is going?

Most bows with a cable guard can have some lean. It can be straightened out by twisting one side of the cable yoke to get the string to track straight with the cam groove. If the bow is a dual cam you have two cable yoke so can do both cams.

If the bow is a solo (single) cam bow then you can twist a yoke to straighten out the idler wheel. As for the cam, you're stuck with what you got. No cam should lean as to rub the limb or any other part of the bow.

In your case, not being able to see the bow I'd say take it back to the dealer you got it from. If that is not an option or if he won't give you satisfaction then call Martin's customer service and ask for Jake or Joel.

If you want confirmation of what I'm telling you you can PM either of these guys on www.archerytalk.com/ general discussions

09-18-2007, 08:37 PM
Forgot to say their user names on AT. Joel is JoelC and Jake goes by PUG.