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12-20-2011, 07:40 PM
Ok, so going back to an old post, can't remember who, but you mentioned that the sticker's first 2 digits indicate the bow model year. That got me thinking about my Cheetah. It was purchased use by my wife, seller on AT said he purchased new in '08 - so I have been under the impression it is an '08 model. So that lead my curiosity to dig around a little more because it can't hurt (not going to change my opinion on the bow, love the thing to death) and it would help to know everything I need to know about the bow in the event I need to have something replaced/repaired/etc. So any extra info/confirmation/help you guys can give me on this for my own piece of mind would be great.

I first started by digging up older spec charts off the main site. The '08 spec is slightly different from the '07 - also noticed the M-Pro cam is slightly different in that the '08 in the spec charts it is marked for a draw stop and the modules are different DL - F7=29" '08 vs '07 F7=30" - Seller said the bow was set to 30" - but I have been thinking it was a 29" going off the assumption the bow was/is an '08 - I haven't actually officially measured it on the bow myself to know for sure if that is or isn't accurate. I then went to the old sites - in '08 they marketed as the Pro/Gold series - my top limb sticker is labeled with Martin Magnum. Wanted to check the 2007 site, but that isn't available anymore (rightfully so ... surprised they have kept that many versions back). I then took notice at the VEM on the '08 in their web/manual photos and did the same for the '07 manual - mine match the '07 from what I know.

Possible the bow was built in '06 as an '07 model year? I could not find any spec info on the M-Pro and Cheetah for 2006

'07 Spec Chart for M-Pro - Matches up with my String/Cable lengths 84.5/32 for '07 vs 84.5/31.5 for '08 according to Martin site:

The spec chart got me wondering also about my limb deflection numbers ... don't know everything there is to know about them, but I have looked up some of the basics to it. The Chart shows the limbs as 6H for 70# - don't know if that is correct or not, mine are marked 7L - note the VEM also.

my cam, no stops:

Next step I went back again and checked my ATA and BH again and I knew they weren't exactly spot on, but by the time I got everything in order it was too close to hunting season to really start messing with it all again. So at the end of season, I plan to go back and tune everything up again with a new set of strings, got a nice set from ProLine for free, currently have some killer strings from Brad at 60X on there - going to keep them for back-up since I have shot them quite a bit this year. So with that, is it accurate that the ATA would be 30.5" and BH 7" going off the info the '08 has provided? - the '07 info wasn't available for that.

Right now, I know that my ATA is just slightly past 30.5 and my BH is about 1/8-1/4" short of 7". To bring that all back in order that is a matter of cable twists, correct? Bringing the ATA into spec should help bring the BH closer, no?

So if this Cheetah does turn out to be an '07 and not an '08 is there anything extra I should know or look out for from anyone's past experiences/knowledge (limbs/cams/etc)? All of this will help me have a better idea of how to get everything exactly spot on and have this thing shooting even better than it already is. I still haven't put it on a chrono, but I feel like it is safe to say it won't be near meeting the 310-315 advertised IBO with the appropriate deductions for string weight/arrow weight/etc. but I could be wrong.

Hope this isn't too much, but am looking forward to the convo/discussion that comes up with all of this ;)

12-20-2011, 08:41 PM
to the best of my knowledge, that sticker says its a 06 bow , hope that helps , if the bow is all original , its a 06

12-20-2011, 10:53 PM
ata and BH are approximate. Up to 1/4" in either direction is OK. So,you're good to go there. The VEM's are the same as what was on my '04 Cougar 3 Magnum and so are the labels on the limbs. I had an '08 Cheetah w M-pro that has the draw stop w strings 84.5"/cables 31.5". I'm not sure about the limb deflection #'s,but mine was marked 3M and was a 60#.

I would think it's safe to assume that '06/7 shared the same specs. IIRC,'08-'10 was the bad limb era,though I never had any issues with any of my Martins. IMO,go w the sticker and as long as it's shootin' good for ya,go kill stuff and cross any bridges if you come to them.

Also,it's very possible that it was bought in '08 as a NOS(New Old Stock)item. I was at Dick's Sporting Goods last spring and they still had several '08 models on the rack priced the same as the '10's.

12-21-2011, 04:28 AM
I do have to say you've done your homework. Good man. Here's my take on the matter. Your bow is an '07 model built in late '06 and bought in '08 as a ;eftover. It has the MPro cam which was not in production for '06 models and in '08 the draw stop was added. The difference between 6H and 7L limbs is about 2-3 pounds, 7L producing a higher draw weight.

The specs for a2a and brace are approximate, but it sounds like you know what you're doing so go ahead and take the time to get them spot-on. It can't hurt. The only issue you might run into is that with everything to spec the draw weight might peak a little higher than 70# (those 7H limbs), but that is easily enough controlled by just backing out the limb bolts.

If you like the bow there probably isn't too much to fret about except that, as you suspect, it won't reach the speeds it's rated for (calculated down). This, IMO, is a nonissue though. I always figure if a person is worried about speed then he should by a speed bow and be done with it.
The MPro cam is noted for it's smooth draw and it fits that catagory very well.

Have fun and ask any questions you'd like. We try to answer them all.

12-21-2011, 05:22 PM
Oh yeah, I love the bow to death and I'm not overly concerned with the speed, I'm just realistic to the fact that I know it won't meet what it is rated for. That's fine by me because I know it is a bit quicker than what I had been shooting before. The bow is a great shooter and yes, the MPro is a smooth draw. It's just nice to know what you're working with in the event of something going wrong and there is no guessing. Appreciate the input.