View Full Version : furious cam lean

10-23-2007, 01:48 PM
Is anyone having a problem with cam lean on the new furious cams. I recieved another pair and have the same problem. Even tried diferent limbs thinking it might be axle hole problems (don't think this is the case)...Anyone?

BTW my bow is a Scepter 4, 14' mag limbs with of course furious cams.

10-23-2007, 06:08 PM
Does it have a cable guard? If so then you are naturally going to have some lean until you adjust it. You have to twist the yoke of the cable on the opposite side from the cable guard (depending on which way it's leaning) to align it. It might take a couple or it might take a few twists. Be patient.

To check it you can just lay an arrow along the side of the cam parallel to the string. You most likely use a bow press if you have one, but this can be done by backing out the limb bolts till the pressure is off. Watch the limb bolts in the barrel nut from the side of the riser.

If the bow has X cables then you just squeeze the cable opposite from the one you want to adjust.

Don't feel bad. It's probably not a defect. It's just the way bows are that have cable guards. That side pull twists the limb tips. Just one of the reasons I like the X cams.