View Full Version : NOS B cams on a bengal????

12-30-2011, 03:26 AM
Posted this up awhile ago about a 2006 Bengal swap. Finaly got a set of B cams but was told I need a longer axill to do the swap. Any more info or dose anybody have the axil I would need?

12-30-2011, 06:14 AM
As far as I know, all you would need is your present axle. The only time I've used a longer axle is to seperate the X cables, on a nitrous camed bow. And that leads to noisy cables, allowing them to "twang" more than normal.

12-30-2011, 01:14 PM
First I want to ask what 2006 Bengal you think you have. The modern time Bengal did not make it's way till 2007 and it had the MPro cam on it. Yours may have been manufactured in 2006 (serial #) but it would have to be a 2007 or later model.

Now getting to your original question. Installing the Nitrous cams on your bow should not be too daunting. First make sure the cams will fit within the limb forks. They should. The outside measurement limbs should be just about 1 7/8" at the limb forks. If you are converting from a single cam setup then the axle in the top limb should fit. You will need a longer axle for the bottom limb--same length as that in the top limb. I just sent another guy a pair of such axles and I recall the distance being 2 3/8" between the e-clip grooves. Also you'll need the little bottons that the cable attaches to at the limb tips and two e-clips.

Let me know if these measurements are what you need and I can send you one complete axle assembly. On this site, PM Rob20 to see if the axles I sent him worked.