View Full Version : Deer season has come to an end.

01-08-2012, 04:05 PM
I had a good season filling 4 out of 7 tags this year. With 2 days left in the season, it's unfortunate I won't be able to hit the stand due to work.

My biggest highlight was my son taking his first bowkilled deer, a mature doe. He rushed the shot on a big buck in November and didn't fill his other tag but he never gave up. He can't wait for foam season.

My goal to fill all 3 any sex tags with bucks fell 1 short, had opportunities at smaller bucks but passed hoping for a bigger buck. The 2 does were just as fun as the bucks I took, the doe I call Doezilla eluded me for the third straight year. I had her right below me one night when I didn't have an antlerless tag in my pocket, she did survive gun season so maybe next year.

Bo Hunter
01-08-2012, 04:28 PM
4 out of 7 not bad! Down here in alabama the season ends january 31st. It's been so hot here that the deer are mainly moving at night. Plenty of bucks on trail cams but no movement during shooting hours. The rut doesnt even really kick in here until couple weeks into january. Its sad, not much of a hunting season. I remember in the past as a kick being so cold during deer season but now its just so hot. They should extend it in our area do to the late rut and the heat but they probably won't. Anyway, I'm glad your son was able to get his first bow kill. Still looking for mine.