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01-09-2012, 10:42 AM
Hello, I'm new here and have already appreciated the help of Bfisher and Gravedigger. I found a set of Martin Nitrous C cams, but unfortunately don't come with the spacers that go on each side of cam in limb forks. Does anyone have some they would part with, or if not, can someone measure theirs and give me the dimensions, mainly thickness and width? I will try to fab some up if anyone can suggest a material--maybe nylon or ?

The project is converting an old fury xrg to nitrous from the fury cams. On that point, are the nitrous cams really that much faster than the old DL specific #5 fury cams I have on it now? I've been looking at the old speeds given on Martins specs and they don't appear that much different, comparing the fury xrg with fury cams to a cougar elite with nitrous cams (cougar and fury elites have similar specs except slight difference on BH).

I'm an old guy who has always shot recurves until age and bad shoulders is making me convert to compounds to keep hunting as long as I can for deer and elk. I'm definitely not a speed freak since my old recurves would be hard pressed to break 200fps, but I need to shoot at about 50# max with these shoulders and figured to make the bow as efficient as I can for elk. Hence the nitrous cams.

By the way, I am getting the nitrous based on the discussions I've read on these forums. I want to say thank you for all the knowledge that folks post here. It is really appreciated by someone like me who doesn't know much about compounds.

Thanks for any help/input.


01-09-2012, 10:53 AM
I forgot to introduce myself. My bow66 handle comes from shooting 66" recurves at my 31" draw length for decades hunting for deer and elk in WA and OR. Still have them, mainly Jack Howard Jets and Howatt Venturas/Montereys and a few hunters and wings. My conversion to compound comes from as mentioned above age and shoulder issues, and can't really shoot comfortably the heavy (for me at least) 60# recurves anymore.

Anyway am happy to be a part of your site and have learned a lot just by reading the discussions on bows and tuning of compounds.


01-10-2012, 03:50 AM
The spacers on my Nitrous cams are approx 1/2" in dia and 1/16" thick. Been a while since I've had mine apart, so thats just a quick measurement, but real close. Should be able to find a similar washer/shim at any hardware store. Axle hole is 3/16". Have you though about a 45# recurve? At your draw length, ( same as mine ) you'll be getting plenty of power, even for elk. I'm sure that you'll like the draw cycle of the Nitrous cam, and their power, I know that I sure do. Check out the bows in my signature. By the way, love those Howatts! Our traditional forum could use a few photos of your ole recurves. The folks up in Yakima sure made some beautiful bows.

01-10-2012, 05:09 AM
elkslayer, thanks for the reply and dimensions. I will look for that size spacers at the hardware store. Imagine will look for nylon washers. On the recurves, will try and get some pictures as you suggest for the traditional section. I'm not that computer literate, but my wife maybe can help me with the pictures.

I have bought a couple of 45# recurves over last couple of years, but don't get the speed I'm used to with the heavier recurves, so am trying compounds at about 50# and am amazed at the speed difference compared to my recurves. I see from your sig that you have a cougar elite with nitrous C cams. Could you tell me what brace height you get with that setup? The fury with fury #5 cams has only BH of 6" but assume will go up with the large c cams.

Thanks, Ron

01-10-2012, 09:56 AM
Brace height of my Cougar lll Elite is 6 3/4 to 7", of course thats with the C Nitrous cam and 17" Elite limbs, your results may vary. :D