View Full Version : late 80's Warthog Mag

01-13-2012, 05:05 PM
I have been playing with the notion of refurbing this beautiful bow to its earlier splendor.. (nostalgic) I only know the numbers on the side of the limbs CLWL 4563-3 and the riser has 2431 WHP4924. I know nothing of its spec limits and was told you are a meticulous bunch and might have records or a downloadable manual for this wonderful bow. I will try to get a few pictures in when I am done. It makes me want to start over from recurve and work my way back again..lol ps... parts are nearly impossible to locate for this... unless you buy another bow and cannibalize, which is very sad. Jim

01-14-2012, 05:48 AM
It may be sad, but probably the only way to rebuild your Warthog Mag. The only thing sadder would be to let two of them sit in a corner, each with parts the other needs. Have your tried running a wanted to buy ad either here or over on ArcheryTalk? You just may turn up the parts you need. Late 80's is further back than the 'old spec pages' go on Martin's website. But then the guys around here just may have one and know the specs. Most of us are long time Martin owners/shooters. Could you post a pic or two of the bow now, might help somone reconize that they have one out in the garage? Sorry I can't help more. Good luck on your quest. :)