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11-02-2007, 10:01 PM
My father gave me his bow over the weekend because he never really uses it. He bought it I want to say 22 years ago?

The manual is yellow and on the front it says "Little John Compound and Bobcat Kit Instructions". The inside cover has 3 specifications:
"Bobcat M-8, M8E"
"Bobcat Kit #2500"
"#2432 Little John Compound"

The wooden riser has hand written on it:
2431 and WHP 6103

The only thing notable on the stickers say:
Assembled by Doug Montgomery
Allen Patent number: 3,486,496
Peak Wgt 45-60 LB
Draw Length 31
String Length 36

Now for my questions:
1. Why does the riser have 2431 but the book says #2432? Does it matter?
2. The specifications on the inside cover state "Solid Fiberglass Limbs, split limb design" but when I brought the bow to Gander Mountain for some setup information and help, the guy said that it was all wooden?
3. He said the string looked good and was hardly used. Should I replace it anyways?
4. How long can I depend on this bow? It was kept indoors all the time. Looks beautiful and was taken care of.
5. The guy at the store said that wooden and that I should be concerned about the limbs cracking. If they're fiberglass, can this happen?

I want to be safe about it but I also don't want to shoot it if its going to break. Perhaps 'm just overly concerned? Are the limbs replacable?

Thanks :)