View Full Version : so sad, why?

01-21-2012, 09:24 AM
so i was trying to string it and "pop". i've always just put it around my leg and bend it to string it, is that why? is my basement too cold? or was the bows time up? i bought it thirteen years ago to use as a bowfishing bow. thats what the foam block was for, tied a spool to it. am i out much. what should i look for in a replacement? i'm 6'2'' with a seventy four inch span.
the bow didn't have any markings, i didn't think to measure it when i went downstairs to take pic of it. didn't pull too hard, well i didn't need a glove anyways, it probably could have killed deer

01-21-2012, 12:08 PM
Just may have been its time, don't remember it being all that cold in WI basements, not that cold would have cause the break, plenty of traditional shooters in WI, was reading today about guys out shooting in your home state, over on Leatherwall. What ever the cause, you're right, very sad. I've been using the step-thru method you decsribe since the mid 60s' and have never had that happen. And it can be repaired, although that may cost more than the bow did originally. So, looking for a new recurve, huh? At 6'2" and 74" wingspan, you must draw 30 + inches, look for a 62"-66" bow, and you'll get way less finger pinch, a smoother draw and a better release. Watch ebay and look for a Ben Pearson "Javilina" 66" bows, good shooters, and can pick 'em up fairly cheap, especially if they need to be refinished, like this one. This one has real nice wood, but needs some TLC in a few places. Shipping is a bit high, but think it can be had for less than $100, shipping included. Really like the fiddleback grain in the sight window. With your draw this 45#er will kill deer, bear, and even elk,


01-22-2012, 08:52 AM
thats a good start 4x5, thanks. is 64" or 66" measured tip to tip strung or unstrung