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01-25-2012, 11:24 AM
The Cougar FC Fury Cam w/ the Skull Camo pattern came in and I did say I would provide a quick review. It took Martin over a month to get the bow to me, so I got a little excited. The Cougar out of the box was impressive with the Skull Camo and hunter black limbs. The Skull Camo finish was as you were looking at an old back and white photo of a 50's vintage newspaper with greater detail. The finish is a semi gloss that makes the skull pattern stand out and is finished up with the hunter black carbon limb pattern. I was impressed. The Cougar came with a 30''draw out of the box and was quickly adjusted to a 29" draw w/70 lbs draw weight. The Fury Cam is extremely easy to adjust. The axle to axle was at 32" and brace was right at 7". The catalog has axle to axle at 31.5 and brace at 7.25, my measurements may not be exact but close. It also came with black and lime green hammerhead sting and cable with bow jack string and cable silencers; I quickly removed the string silencers as I would rather have a few feet of speed vs. less vibration and noise. I place a Ripcord drop, Apex six pin sights and an arrow clip and performed a quick tune on it. I was very disappointed on the first arrow down range as it was loud and had lots of vibration and hand shock. The second and third shots were much better with less vibration and hand shock. I then placed a New Archery Product (NPA) Apache stabilizer and each limb received an Ultra Max solid Limb Saver that made a world of difference. Most of all the vibration, hand shock, noise went a way. The choice of arrow that I was testing was a Carbon Express Munity 350 at a 29.25 length, 100g field point and weighed in at 420g total arrow weight with a 332 spine, this also reduce noise and vibration even more using the 420g arrow. I then performed a paper tune which only took five shots and one shot was to check the paper tune. I have a range out to 100 yards but started the zero at 30 yards and worked my way back to 80 yards. I had the zero completed within about 24-30 arrows. I don't have any way to measure speed other than shoot it against my 2011 Fire Cat 400 at 29" draw and 70 lbs draw weight. It's close but not as quick as the Fire Cat. The back wall is extremely comfortable and could hold for a very long period of time if needed. Draw cycle is smooth and easier then the Fire Cat 400 with a much better let off. I really think the new string stop is a winner, easy to adjust and looks cool. After a days rest I went back to the range for some fine tuning and shooting. The bow overall is extremely shooter friendly, accurate and I'm sure could harvest any big game animal in North America. For the price and overall quality for this single came bow, I don't now how you could go wrong as a beginner, are an advanced archer with this bow. Don't get me wrong as I still think that the Fire Cat 400 is my top bow. I would not hastate to use this bow on my next hunting trip here in Northern Arizona. Hope this help some of you looking into the Cougar FC Fury Cam. I think this bow will take off as the Fury cam in my opinion is a home run, easy to adjust, shooter friendly and most important accuracy. Will send some picks in the next couple of days as I'm on the road.

Rangers Lead the Way

01-25-2012, 11:55 AM
I'm sorry your pictures are invisible :(

01-25-2012, 03:09 PM
Nice review, am always happy to hear about a happy Martin owner :) Will look forward to seeing your pics when you get back home!

01-25-2012, 03:13 PM
Well now I feel like a tool ... didn't read the last line :(

Double S
01-25-2012, 06:18 PM
Very nice little review and congrats on the new bow. I am looking forward to seeing the bow porn in the next few days!. :D