View Full Version : Adjusting draw length on Prowler SE Tru Arc cams

11-07-2007, 08:20 AM
I just purchased a used Prowler SE with the Tru Arc cams. The draw length seems to be correct for me but could possible be about 1/2" longer.

Do I need a bow press to change the draw length on this bow? I've looked at the string/cable chart and I don't quite understand what the 2 different sets of numbers/lettes mean.

Right now on the top cam the little arrow is pointing at "C". To change that do I just have to adjust the screw in the slot? What about the other screw on the top and bottom cam where all the holes are. What do they do?

Anything else I should know about this bow would be great. It's the 55-70 lb model.



11-07-2007, 09:19 AM
Is this the TruArc or TruArc+. You can tell by looking at the cam itself. If the string is attached to a peg on the module it's the earlier TruArc. If it anchors to the cam body then it's TruArc+.

If it's the earlier TruArc then you do need to use a press. To make the draw length longer you need to work first with the bottom cam. There are two screws. One is in a hole, the other in na slot. You remove the one in the hole and loosen the one in the slot. Rotate the lobe of the module toward the bow string (I can't recall the numbers or letters on the cam). Then reinstall the screw and tighten the one in the slot. However many holes you move this module you do the same thing to the top cam.

Does this help or just confuse you more?


11-07-2007, 10:35 AM
The string mounts to a peg on the cam itself, not the module.

Top cam/module has 2 screws, the slotted one and then the one for the holes. The holes on the top module are all in a line. On the bottom cam/module there is only one screw and the holes are more random or staggered.

Does this mean I have the TruArc+? Is that a good thing? Do I still need a bow press? I'm going to be going to my local archery shop on Friday anyway so it's probably best to just have them deal with it. They are also a Martin Dealer.



11-07-2007, 06:02 PM
Yeh, sounds like you have the TruArc+. Better than the original. You don't need a bow press then. If you are going to the shop Friday do yourself a favor and pay attention to what he does. Ask and he'll probably show and explain it to you. It's not hard and things you should know anyway.

HEY--------Good luck with the bow.