View Full Version : WTT Firecat 400 Or Rytera Nemesis For Crossbow

02-07-2012, 03:52 PM
I would like to trade one of my bows for a high performance crossbow of equal value. If it is a really high end CB I may be willing to add some cash. I'm testing the waters here before I hit the unfriendly people of ArcheryTalk.

2011 FC400 RH 60# Next Camo

This bow is the same as the Couger FC dual cam. The only real difference is the camo color and grip insert is carbon fiber look, not wood. The FC400 is my hunting bow and is in good shape but has a few minor blemishes. I had a couple areas of camo film come off around the grip where I used blue painters tape when putting it on the drawing board. Also the leather "grip" came loose and just took it off. Everything but the riser has been replaced by Martin, limb bolts, attachment hardware, limbs, cams and modules. The TRG has been replaced by the tried and true cable rod and cable slide. I have a new set of factory strings and cables I will install if a trade emerges. I think would like to trade it bare bow so I can but the parts on the other bow if this one sells.


2010 Rytera Nemesis 70# Next camo with highly coveted Barnsdale limbs.

This bow has new factory cables and string. I picked this up from a target shooter and it doesn't look like it has ever been shot. It was his back up bow and it looks the part. There are no marks from a rest or anything that I can see. This bow was to be my summer experiment but we haven't got to summer yet so it is bare.

Thanks for your interest or pointing me to a potential trade.

02-11-2012, 08:33 PM
I'm surprised that there has been no interest. Maybe there aren't many crossbow owners out there since not all states are crossbow friendly?