View Full Version : I have the coolest cats.

02-15-2012, 09:25 AM
These are my cats, TeaGrey and Furbee. (Furbee is also known as THEE Furbinator. Tea-Grey likes being called Tea-Grin-atrix and is named after Earl Grey Tea because of her color and the word for leopard in many languages.)


My kitties are getting along today. =0) I put TeaGrey up on the catwalk for the first time today. She didn't stay though. Oh well it smells like it's Furbee's and she got in trouble with him for being up there. Dang things are territorial, just ask my couch who it belongs to. LOL! :):mad::rolleyes:

TeaGrey thinks the catwalk smells too
much like the Furbinator. LOL!