View Full Version : My PROTX Kevlar Armored Hand guard arrived today.

Double S
02-27-2012, 05:48 PM
Hey fellow Archers!. I got home too late to see how this glove feels while shooting my bow. The shipping was fast, the quality of the glove seems good. I was concerned that the glove would feel thick. It doesn't seem like that so far. The glove fits well and stitching is good. I've been trying it with my bow to see if I loss some feeling. I usually shoot without gloves unless I'm hunting. I always check my arrows before I shoot but I figured it would hurt to have some extra protection :wink: It's way cheaper than an E.R. visit. I hope that I don't find out if this gloves works. I've had a cable slide break on me and pop me under my eye but never had an arrows break on me. I'm gonna give the glove a test run tomorrow and see how it feels. :thumbs_up

This glove is a XL.