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03-03-2012, 04:07 AM
I am trying to decide between a new Martin Bengal Pro/ Cougar FC and a used 2011 Elite Hunter. I am currently shooting a Mathews Reezen 7.0 and hate it. I just get mad everytime I shoot. The valley is awful, the let down is brutal. It is not a hunting bow Mathews can wrap it in Camo all it wants, I'm done with them.
I have heard so many good things about Elite bows I was wondering if anyone on here has had experience with both Elite and Martin and coudl comment. Thanks in advance any opinions are welcome.

03-03-2012, 04:20 AM
I know nothing of the Elites, but can say from what people have been reporting on the Bengals and the FC's - they are sweet rigs! Just about anyone here is going to probably say find somewhere that you can shoot them and find what fits best. Me, I'll probably buy any martin sight-unseen just because I trust in the company that much. So far all 3 Martins I have shot/owned have been sight-unseen ...

All in all, you probably can't go wrong with either, though we all would love to have another martin guy ;)

03-03-2012, 05:01 AM
Are you looking at the Cougar with the Nitro Cams or Fury Cams? If you Choose the Fury Cam I would think the Cougar and Bengal will be similar. Or you could go the Cougar with the Nitro Cams to compare two different bows with different specs. Then you can decide whether you want a bow with a little more speed or a bow with a little smoother draw. Shoot them both and make you decision after you shoot them. I know the Cougar is on my list for this year with the Nitro Cams. I will be shooting it against the Strother Wrath and the Invasion. Can't wait to shoot them over and over again. That is the fun part!!!

03-03-2012, 05:10 AM
I've never shot an Elite. Or the new Martins for that matter. But I would be willing to bet that the new Martins are every bit as smooth,solid performers as the rest. I,personally, am anxiously awaiting the release of the Prowler Pro before deciding on a 2012 bow. But even then I'll save some cash a buy used

03-03-2012, 06:10 AM
Are you looking at the Cougar with the Nitro Cams or Fury Cams? If you Choose the Fury Cam I would think the Cougar and Bengal will be similar. !

They are very similar. I've shot both bows with the Fury cam, and would be hard pressed to tell you which was which if I shot them blindfolded. The only difference in handling I could tell between the two was that the Cougar had a more "weight forward" feel, meaning that after the shot it would roll forward slightly. The bengal had a tendancy to either sit or roll back towards you. I shot both of them the same day, with the same rest and stabilizer so it wasn't accessories making the difference.

Like coach said, the cougar with the nitro cams is a totally different cat; the draw cycle is a little mellower (IMO), you gain some speed, and another $100 or so ;)

03-03-2012, 07:59 AM
I have not shoot the elite hunter but I just sold my elite gt 500 smooth pull but I could not get the valley to my likeing, I play with it for a year same with 82th airborne they shoot great but if you creep forward they want to take your arm off because they didn't have any valley

03-03-2012, 08:29 AM
Thank you everyone for your input. I will be going to the shop in about an hour to shoot both the Bengal and Cougar. I wasn't even considering Martin until I bumped into an old high school buddy. We started talking about bow hunting and he was fanatical about his Martin. I began to see over and over on these forums how happy owners of these bows are. It definelty has me interested. I'll report back after getting to shoot a few this afternoon. Thanks again. All your comments were really helpful .

03-03-2012, 09:39 AM
i would love to shoot an elite.i really like the looks of the bows,people who shoot them seam to love them.and since i have not shot the new martin line up not any of the elites it would still be a hard choice.all good bows IMHO.if i had a choice it would be between the elite and cougar with nitro

03-03-2012, 02:45 PM
their is a difference in the cougar fc cam configurations in size &draw lengths. the nitro cam 30.5" draw at 32.25" ATA while the xt goes up to a 31" draw with a 3/4" shorter ATA, so that may or may not be a big deal, but it will if your 6'3or taller . the firecat style riser is really cool looking, but the bengal pro @31"ata with the quadruple VEM 's looks great and it too doesnt look like a clone of a lot of other bows out there. nice. hope you made the martin plunge.

03-03-2012, 09:27 PM
I just got the bengal pro and I love it. It was the best fealing one I have shot out of all the one I shot and I tryed to shot all of them. I shot most of the mathews/mission, parkers.