View Full Version : WTB - 6 x Martin Nitrous Mods 65% left off

flippin' fairy
03-14-2012, 09:11 PM
Am after 2 Martin Nitrous X-side mods with 65% let-off (standard mods, not mini mods) plus a complete set of 4 Martin Nitrous 2 standard side & 2 X-side mods also in 65% let-off (again standard mods, not mini mods). Delivery needs to be done via USPS flat rate air mail with tracking number & Paypal for payment coz we're in Australia. Please let me know if you have them or some of what's required in either new or 2ndhand, thanks.

PS:- If one of the Martin bow company staffers happen to read this - OUR ONE & ONLY STOCKIST IN AUSTRALIA DOESN'T HAVE THEM, STOCKIST DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO ASK IF WE WANTED TO ORDER THEM EVEN THOUGH THE MODS ARE ADVERTISED ON THEIR SITE & WE PREVIOUSLY HAD GEAR SENT STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY FOR YEARS - HELPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't suggest posting on Archery Talk - done that, also posted on Australian Archery Forum - we're getting nowhere, even tried auction sites - nada!!!!!! Now we have a 13yr girl who can't shoot until the first listed 2 mods arrive! OVER THE SLACK RECENT CHANGE OF SERVICE MARTIN! :( :( :(

flippin' fairy
03-15-2012, 01:05 PM
HUGE suggestion for Martin CEO > so many people across the archery sites globally would love the Nitrous cams & mods brought back into production. Not so much the Furious - yes they're along the same theory but most of us LOVE the Nitrous cams, they're terrific, so smooth, shoot fast plus have the X shoot-through option........PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP??!! :D