View Full Version : got the parts replaced no string stop now

03-21-2012, 01:33 PM
ok i got the stuff replaced,after the dealer was reluctant,now i have no string stop and the bow seems faster,but boy is it loud now can i put a string stop in the recess on the bottom of the bow?its milled and has two screws like were the slide is just lower?

Lung Buster
03-21-2012, 01:41 PM
Sorry maybe i missed an earlier thread what bow are you shooting?

03-21-2012, 01:50 PM
sorry lol my bad didnt put in post,its a rack attack/exile

03-21-2012, 02:51 PM
yes, there is an STS that goes into the lower slot (looks like the slot the cable slide goes in), just call Martin's parts department, tell them what bow you have, and that you want the STS for it...