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11-28-2007, 01:02 PM
I have a 2005 Cougar 3 that I recently picked up used. It was a custom job with 70 pound SE limbs and Nitrous "C" cams, so it isn't represented in the basic table in the catalog. It is in great shape, but I noticed that the dimensions don't match the catalog and the draw weight is a bit low. I just got it and havenít had a chance to shoot it more than a few times at short distance.

My first question is whether the ata measurement (32.75" for the SE limbs from the catalog) is constant for the limbs and independant of the cams being used? For example, the 32.75" ata for the SE limbs would be the same for the stock Dyna-cam and my custom Nitrous cams. I ask because when I measured the ata on my bow, it comes out to right about 34". Everything else looks fine. My initial thought was that if the ata is too long, the draw weight could be low. Sure enough, last night I cranked the limb bolts down and measured the draw weight with my cheap hand held spring scale and it registered about 58 pounds, well short of the intended 70 pounds. I don't know how accurate those things are, but that is quite a difference.

Any initial thoughts? I know that the bow had new strings put on before I bought it, and I thought that the new strings may be too long. I did check the approximate length of the cables, and as close as I can tell they match the 35" from the bow sticker and the string/DL chart for the nitrous C cams on the SE limbs. Unfortunately, that chart doesn't have ata numbers. I didn't check the shooter string length, as I didn't have time to remove it and get an accurate measurement, but the cams look they are rotated correctly. I confirmed that the limbs are 70lb (6h) SE limbs.

Now what? I don't mind the extra ata if that is the correct spec. I do mind the low draw weight, since I intended for this to be a 70lb bow. The chart for the nitrous cams clearly shows that the 6h SE limbs are 70lb on the Cougar. Something isn't right. Any ideas would be appreciated.

12-04-2007, 09:01 AM
I think you should take the cables and string off and make a good measurement. If the cables are long you'll lose draw weight and have a longer draw length than what it should be. The Cams would also not be in the correct position for the best performance. A half an inch may make a big difference. The #1 hole on your draw module should should give a 28 inch draw, the #2 hole would 29 inches and the #4 hole should give a 31" draw. The holes are in .5" increments.

Something is definitely out of whack to lose 12 lbs. A couple of pounds high or low would be ok. Make sure the limbs are not damaged!