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03-30-2012, 12:42 AM
Has anyone tried that WildMan capture arrow rest? I've been using a TimberDoodle 2 rest for about a year, but would like to try a capture-type rest again (used a whisker biscuit before but did not like what it did to my fletchings).
Any thoughts or comments on the WildMan rest?

03-30-2012, 10:34 AM
No to your wildman post, but My cheetah came with a nap 360 QuickTune . If you are not familiar with it, I can post a pic. Or Google it. I know all about the pros and propaganda towards drop away rest. However, I have evpeimented with these capture rest and had great accuracy and success. They are hard to beat. My dad has had a wisker buiscut for 6 years. No joke. But his fletchings on his gold tips were getting warped and falling off. 4" vanes. I put him on 2" blazer broadhead vanes and the problem stopped. My boss last year shot an elk @101 yards in new Mexico. He uses nothing but wisker biscuits. On a spot and stalk, total confidence in them. My wife has a quicktune . These capture rests have gotten a bad rep for years. They must be set up correctly. The right size arrow diameter, weight, and so forth. I am rough on equipment. My gear must be tough. The less moving parts on my rest I have to worry about the better I real. I would love to hear more about the wildman rest if you get one. Keep me posted.

04-20-2012, 08:35 AM
Took the plunge and ordered the mantis rests for my wife and I. Don't know why Martin even sells those on their website; should not be associated with the Martin name at all... What really made me return them though, was the lack of vertical and horizontal adjustment. Might work on other bows but not CrossFire or ShadowCat.


04-20-2012, 10:18 AM
Well that sucks that it didn't work for you. But at least you learned something; what doesn't work ;).

I firmly believe that a bow is like a woman:

Beautiful to look at
A pleasure to hold and a joy to play with
Temperamental in nature and frustrating as hell
It will tell you what it wants, just not in a language native to us
It will take all the money and time you have to give it

04-20-2012, 10:51 AM
it is completely wrapped with rubber which makes it pretty quiet containment, but large ( in either height of vane or longer helicals) fletching has some problem getting thru there, especially with basic nock to cock vane alignment methods,with cock vane down or up my fletch hits my cables so cant do that, with cock vane outward the lower fletch has a hard time getting between the launch prongs. a rotating nock should allow some finer tuning& eliminate that. that being said i'm not sure about the tunability since i havent needed to adjust one, but they seem to basically have a boodoodle type prong so its simple enuff & should last a while. I cant recommend purchasing one based on my limited experience with them.