View Full Version : Nitrous X/ Nitrous cams ???

12-01-2007, 10:59 PM
What are all the cams martin has? I know there is the New cams out for 08, the M-pro cam ect. I own a Rytera Bullet X and it has the shoot through with nitrous cams. What is the difference between the Nitrous and Nitrous X? Just trying to learn as much as I can about martins.

Thanks Eric

12-02-2007, 11:17 AM
The Nitrous have 2 controll cables pulled out of the way by a cable guard.

The Nitrous X have 4 control cables that are spread for fletch clearence, and no cable guard. The result is no limb torque, no cam lean, better overall effenciency, less string wear, more speed, etc... A target shooter's dream. Good to hunt with as well if you have good shooting form. I have had no problems hunting with the Nitrous X cams.

Other Cams Martin has are the Furious, and Furious X. Same deal as Nitrous, except softer wall for Target shooters.

Also, the Dyna-Cam is available through the accessories page. Solocam, speedier than the M-Pro, more nock travel though.

You obviously know about the M-Pro.

New for '08: the C.A.T. Cam. Hybrid, less risk of timing issues like a Duallie setup, more nock travel though. Very efficient, high speed. Won't draw as smooth as a M-Pro though.