View Full Version : Cable guard slide question

04-06-2012, 06:42 PM
My older martin has a 5/16 rod. I bought a slide today from the pro shop and it turned out to be a 3/8 hole. Can I use it or will it not work well with the slop? I live an hour and a half away so it is not worth driving back over $13.

I found an old slide in my box tonight that is off an older bow I think. It is the type that rides on the outside of the rod instead of letting the cables hang on the inside. I think this external slide came off an older bow with steel cables but I am unsure. Can I safely use it with synthetic cables if it was designed for steel cables? I mean is it too hard a plastic to be safe to use for synthetic? The edges seem a little sharp where the cables pass through the grooves although it seems to draw smooth.

The reason I am looking into a slide at all is originally this 97 Martin had just a smooth rod and the cables rode direct. I noticed some horrible frays around that area even though the rod is baby smooth. It is bad enough I think an entire strand was broke on each cable. I am trying to make it through this turkey season before I strip it down and redo it.

The cables are severly flattened out from passing over the rod. I bet there is only a few hundred shots on these cables. But the bow sat unshot for about 4 or 5 years on my wall. I wax heavily now but they surely dried out while sitting. I wonder if this is the cause or the lack of a slide is the reason?

04-07-2012, 03:50 AM
Anyone? Was the late 90s models martins designed to have the cables ride directly on the rod? I bought the bow used in 03 so i assumed thats the way it came from the factory. Maybe it is crappy strings/cables and I am worrying about nothing?